How to help Big Data and AI in the time of Corona Virus(Covid-19)

Big Data and AI in the time of Corona Virus:

Today’s world fight with the Corona Virus Pandemic (COVID-19).This is a real global crisis, advancing at lightning speed. Fort this 21st-century threat, we need to apply 21st – century tools like Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain technologies that must be deployed in the global effort against the Coronavirus. Currently, vaccine development is now the hottest and most critical task worldwide. Bioinformatic tools are boosting the efficiency of what may well be the fastest vaccine development process in history.

Basically, coronavirus is a large family that causes illness ranging from the common cold to acute respiratory syndromes it may cause to death. We are seeing daily reports showing outbreak and fatality curves on a worldwide. Big Data lies at the heart of efforts to comprehend and forecast the impact that Coronavirus will have on all of us.

The Corona Virus (COVID – 19) trackers that constantly pull data from resources around the world are helping the healthcare employees, sanitation, and related incident data on a global basis with the help of Big Data.

There has been some interesting data resulting from GIS(Graphical Information System) and it’s analyses of population movement by region, city, etc. This ultimately helps provide a view of the population’s fact – or lack of fact with social distance.

Graphical Information System about data for each and every country information.

Some of the company models from Big Data supported the prediction of a pandemic. There are massive efforts being deployed to leverage Artificial Intelligence and Big Data data sets that are currently available. Presently available datasets will increase significantly as COVID -19 testing becomes more readily available.

How are public health and epidemiology benefiting from Big Data capabilities related to data challenges:

We are getting better data faster, and more precisely. There are numerous data sets in aggregation that is providing us both a large and in-depth view of our population health, healthcare utilization, our mobility and lifestyle patterns. This information is critical as we assess the potential incidence and behavior of a condition.

Artificial Intelligence has been used to help diagnose the disease and accelerated the development of the vaccine. AI-powered diagnosis system can identify coronavirus infection with 98% accuracy

At this stage, so many things about COVID -19 are up in the air. We don’t really know the infection speed or mortality of the virus. Without proactive measures, our Healthcare system capacity may be down.

Currently, India also started the Big Data tools like Tableau, QlikView for proper data visualization to people. To reduce fake news from social media.