85 Dangerous apps remove by Google from Play store

Recently Google removes approximately 85 dangerous apps from the google play app store in android devices.

Why these apps removed from Google app store?

Firstly these apps are founded security issues are “The capable of displaying full-screen ads, monitoring device’s screen unlocking functionality and running in the background of Android mobile devices.”

Here are 85 Malware apps removed from the Google Play store. Mostly like Sports TV, Remote, Games apps are removed.


Prado Parking Simulator 3D

Parking Game

City Extremepolis 100

3d Monster Truck

Idle Drift

Bus Driver

America Muscle Car

Prado Parking City

Pirate Story

Prado Car 10

Extreme Trucks

GA Player

3D Racing

Real Drone Simulator

Police Chase

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Remote Controls:

TV Remote

A/C Remote

Remote Control

Garage Door Remote



World TV





Brasil TV


Movie Stickers

Christmas Stickers

Trump Stickers



Nigeria TV





Spanish TV


Love Stickers

Televisao do Brasil

TV of the World

Summary: Remaining apps are related to the above apps and another type of fake apps also that exhibited a different type of ad showing behavior. Some malware apps would disappear after showing that it is buffering and finally crashed android devices.




Top 7 Easiest Programming Languages to Learn in 2019

In present IT market need most talented programming language skilled employees. It tells that which programming language is best for future.

Now, here are the Top 7 best and easiest programming languages you should try to learn.


At present situation the top easiest programming language is Python. You will think about why? the latest reports that Python showed 456 – percent growth in last year. Coming to business analysis IBM, Netflix uses Python. It is considered for deployment automation and web development mostly. Python is among the easiest programming language to learn and deploy. Majorly two reasons it is easiest language.

The first reason is the uses very few lines to code for complex code. Secondly, it is a scripting language. So these two reasons is the Python is the most easiest language to learn in 2019.


JavaScript is one of the languages are on highly demanding language. JavaScript is a purely scripting language to build web applications anyway of its complexity. Now a days it is used as Front-end and Back-end of websites. It is also learn simply in 2019 for future scope.

Note: JavaScript is not related to Java. Java is a purely programming language  but JavaScript is a Scripting language.


Java is among the simplest programming language. You must and should learn because it is highly portable and run anywhere(Platform independent). Java is existence from many years for web applications and android applications. There is high demand for Java developers in present market.


Ruby is a friendly scripting language compare with all scripting language. It is also used for web applications and android application development. Easily readable language and similar to Python so it is simple to learn in 2019.


Go is a Google open source programming language and limited structured typing. Go is mostly used for network applications and web servers.

5. C and C++:

C and C++ languages are great to learn because it is impacted many other languages. Easily learn Java also because it is logically jump simply. It is used for software development, web applications. It is also learn most preferable for 2019.


C# is a good choice for whoever coming to IT sector like freshers to be simple startup time. It is used for web development to console applications. This syntax also same as C and C++. Little bit complex compiler.

Evolution of IoT(Internet of Things)


IoT(Internet of Things):

Internet of Things is a real world things around us is able to(Machine to Machine) communicate, sense and interact with other things those are creating a network of things are known as “Internet of Things”.

Evolution of Internet of Things:

Now a days industries or factories are growing very fast like manufacturing industries where lots of machines and man power used for the best quality products. In this machines are were monitored and controlled by Micro controllers. Micro controllers can be considered a self contained system with processor, memory and its devices.

In micro controllers had limitations with number of inputs it can work with and how many outputs it can trigger so then provided one process that is Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). It is an industrial computer used for controlling the process.

Programmable Logic Controller work divided into four core areas :

1) Rack and Power supply

2)CPU(Central Processing Unit)

3)I/O section (Input/Output)

4)Program section

These are little bit take time and human interventions are needed. So the technology advancement in manufacturing processor into smaller integrated circuits (IC) with power and larger memory for storing purpose. It rises into Embedded Systems . Embedded systems are range from portable devices such as digital goods.

Embedded systems are made machines powerful, robust,quality and efficient, the machines are isolation but not communicate to each machines. So we need communicate between two or more machines(Things) into well managed network(Internet or Intranet).

The Internet of Things is the network of physical devices, machines, vehicles etc items are embedded with sensors, software and actuators  are etc.

Summary: Internet of Things is type of Embedded system that connects through the internet. Internet of things may be updated constantly with new features and quality and efficient but not in Embedded systems this is the smaller difference between them.


Quora : Hacked 100 million users Data

Quora says 100 million users data hit by Security breach. The best knowledge share website data  have stolen by hackers. Related to account information, including encrypted passwords from users. If you open with O-Auth(Open Authentication) like Facebook, Gmail etc. Then data simply hacked by whole information.

Quora were affected by unauthorized access to one of its systems by “Malicious third party” said the company.

Quora co – founder & CEO Adam D’Angelo response that ” We are still investigating the precise causes and in addition to the work being conducted by Security teams and we have also notified law enforcement officials.

What data stolen?

Currently unknown situation, how the breach happened, Quora says obtrusion was only discovered on Friday November 30th, it does know the user data that has been compromised. It includes Usernames, Email addresses, Encrypted passwords, IP addresses, User account settings, collection of data and public actions like questions, answers, comments, votes etc information has been hacked.

What Do Users Need To Do Next?

First step you should signed out from Quora account in Website or App.

You should still reset your password as a matter of course then try to log in.

Second step you should “Change Password” link and enter your current password then enable it.

Password must and should strong like alphanumeric with special characters.



Top 7 Technology Trends for 2019

1.Artificial Intelligence :

In future Artificial Intelligence is one most emerging technology in industry will continue to talk for the next 30 years. At present Google built algorithms for optimized results for example Google Brain developed algorithms created new encryption methods, policies and neural networks. Facebook also created its own languages through AI. It is completely different to Human Intelligence.

2. Blockchain:

Blockchain  is a mostly used in Financially Services industry and Business. It is continuously evolving and the next decade of technology. In digital market situation digital currency such as Bitcoin will take huge  market. Blockchain is a full of Transparency and Security.  According to Gartner, It will generate $3.1 trillion business value by 2030.

3.Machine Learning:

Now a days Machine Learning is hyper emerging technology because it enable machines to learn from data. In this time when machines reach a higher level of intelligence than human intelligence. With complex tasks like image recognition no need to longer time and most applications will include machine learning. Finally computers will get really good at talking like humans.

4. IoT:

Internet of Things (IoT) will play major rule in the future and there is expected to be excellent market in the up coming years. As many of the organization have deployed IoT based solutions for example in a car booking system GPS in the car to tracking location and security. It is also one of the IoT.

5.Big Data  and Analytics:

At present IT market emergence and growth of Big data and Analytics it examines large amount of data . In most of the companies uses Big data technologies like Hadoop and Cloud based analytics. Especially Data science perspective, Business perspective and Real time perspective. In real time world used in Banking, Healthcare ,manufacturing etc.

6. Cloud Computing & DevOps:

In recent years most of the people talks about Cloud Computing and DevOps. Especially in Cloud Computing like AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. In a digital world is a connected to the Cloud. It will provide the digital infrastructure and remote hosted servers on the Internet store  and process data. Present IT market also Cloud based products are available.

Coming to DevOps it means that set of developments and operations are together to complete software  development . It reduces failures and continuous integrations and increase efficiencies.

7 .RPA:

Robotic Process Automation is emerging form of automation technology based on Artificial Intelligence. So many people think that digital enterprise involves coding and testing in a lot of applications. So we need BOT that handle repeatedly and predictive tasks




Why Python is Magnificent Growth in Programming Language

Now a days Python is the magnificent growing major programming language. According to Stack OVerflow which has already achieved significant by many people, is a incredible growing in programming language because below information tagged into Python.

The latest reports that Python showed a 456 – percent growth in last year. Coming to business analysis IBM uses Python and Netflix uses Python and some of more companies are uses Python.

Python is considered for deployment automation and web development mostly. And a number of reasons are there driving the popularity in programming language.

1) Simplicity:

Python is a simple language to learn and developing. Python code is simple to understandable and Object Oriented Programming is supported.

2)  Future Scope:

Python is dominating the future technologies that are rely on Python. Like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big data analytics and Networking. In Python have different frameworks, libraries and variety of tools are in below for AI:

I) Machine Learning – MDP Toolkit, PyML, PyBrain, GraphLap Create

II) Natural Language : Quepy, NLTK

III) Neural Networks : PyAnn, neurolab.

And some are related to Big Data analytics :




IV)GraphLab Create etc.

In Networking :

I) Ansible



3) Versatility :

Python supports multiple systems and platforms for variety of purpose from web development to digital systems operations. It is mostly uses create video games in unlimited application

4) Web Assets:

Python provide customization of web assets easy and efficient code. In web development  one of the best framework is Django. It is a several powerful GUI framework in Python for code re-usability .

Conclusion :

Above reasons will not be an preferable  to assume that the popularity of Python will only grow in upcoming years.



New shopping features on Instagram!

With 800 million active monthly users and 500 million active daily users, Instagram is a top on social media.

Instagram shopping

Instagram introduced business profiles in 2016 since then business that uses Instagram started growing rapidly. 71% of US businesses use Instagram for marketing their products.

80% of the users follow at least one business on Instagram. Visually appealing e-commerce experience on Instagram attracted many users to shop on Instagram stores. Therefore, brands promoting on Instagram reported an increase in 1,416% traffic with a 20% raised traffic.

Instagram last week introduced 3 new features for easy online shopping ahead of holidays. This shopping features aid brands in getting more reach for their products.

  1. Shopping collection:  Products from the store can now be saved into shopping collections on click of saving badge. Therefore users can categories shopping items from other posts.Shopping collection
  2. Shop via Video:  The Instagram shopping via video feature provides products available in that video. Resulting in visually appealing user experience.Video shopping
  3. Shop tab for business profiles: A new shop tab is introduced on business profiles that help users to find and shop posts from that account.
    Instagarm Shop tabInstagram new shopping features will be helpful for brand promotion and also provides a great shopping experience for the user.