How to import OVA File into Virtual box(with pictures)

Virtual Box is a powerful tool from Oracle. It creates virtual machines on Windows, Linux, Mac etc. I have my own OVA file for another instance to create new machine platform.

Simple steps to import OVA files into Virtual Box

Step 1: Open Virtual Box, on top of menu will showing some options like File, Machine, Help

Step 2:  Click on File option to show the all details below

Step 3: Choose option Import Appliance

Step 4:  Click on Folder icon for select your OVA file in the import box.

Step 6: Deploying your OVA file into Virtual path then click on Next button for further steps

Step 7: Select the import button in bottom. If you want to change details go to main Settings menu with in Virtual Box.

Step 8 : After importing your OVA files to import into Virtual Box it will take more time. For setting up all files into your VM

After successfully importing ova file then open and use it simply.


How to Configured Bridged Networking for an Existing Virtual Machine

Virtual Box is a open source hosted hyper visor for PCs developed by Oracle. Virtual Box may be installed on number of hosting operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac OS etc.

Here will Windows system has hosting and installed along side of Windows for Linux operating system

First Download and Install Virtual Box in your machine. After that will open Virtual Box then follow below steps :

Step 1: Open Virtual Box click on Settings icon

Step 2: Click on Network then will go Enable Network Adapter choose options then click on Ok

Step 3: Select  Bridged Adapter then click on OK


If any confusing with above steps then will go with below link



Now a days Virtual Box are more popular because it is a open source and installed so many hosts depends upon our machine. And it is simple to download and install very simple for beginners and admins.

Virtual Box uses for organization because running multiple operating systems simultaneously and it run more than one operating system at a time for all users.It uses without any risk and incredible reliable and run it simply.

Network types in Virtual Box:

Bridged Networking

In mostly Bridged Networking, the guest system will receive direct access to the network to host system connected directly

NAT Service

First NAT means Network Address Translation service for communication in between Host and guest systems. It is like router and directly access to host systems from guest systems. The NAT service connected in Internal networking like LAN and Intranet.

Host-Only Networking

In Host-only networking communication between guest systems and the host system is connected but we need customized network interfaces.

Internal Networking

In Internal Networking communication between guest systems and the host system connected is possible. Here also we need customized network interface will be used in between Host and Guest Host system.


How to resolve Failed to open a session for the virtual machine Error code :0x80004005

Some times Virtual machines are failed due to some issues majorly error code : 0x80004005 so how to handle it by simple steps in Virtual Box on Windows

Step 1: Check the Error belongs to Failed to open a session for the virtual machine Error code :0x80004005

Step 2: Click on Start button

Step 3: Select Headless Start option and Click on it

Step 4: After that click on Show button

Step 5: Now it is ready for open

How to Install Ubuntu\Linux on VirtualBox

Virtual Box is a open source hosted hyper visor for PCs developed Oracle it handles running multiple operating systems simultaneously.

You have Windows operating system but you want to Ubuntu but you don’t need along side with your windows so first install Virtual box after that will go with Ubuntu iso installation.

How to Install Ubuntu on Virtual Box Simple Steps for beginners

Step 1: Open Virtual Box and Click on New button.


Step 2: Enter your operating System Name dependents upon Ubuntu/Linux or Fedora  your operating system



Step 3: Select your Memory size depends on your machine Hard Disk.



Step 4:  After that Click on Create a Virtual hard disk



Step 5: Choose your option whether your file belongs whether Image file or Disk file



Step 6 : Storage on Physical hard disk select Dynamically allocated because some times Fixed size is not comfortable



Step 7: Select File location and Size for per your requirement



Step 8: Right click on your Ubuntu/Linux image then will go with start



Step 9: After that start button click on Normal Start



Step 10: Browse your Ubuntu iso file


Step 11: If you need any changes press F12 boot device other wise leave it



Step 13: Loading ISO file



Step 14: Click on Install Ubuntu will go with next steps



Step 15: Check the “Erase disk and Install Ubuntu in Virtual Box.



Step 16: Create User name and Password



Step 17: After Installation Complete Restart Now 



Step 18: Enter your Password



Step 19: Successfully completed Ubuntu\Linux on Virtual Box



Step 20: If you want to close your Virtual Machine click on Power off the machine



In this video explain how to install Ubuntu along side Windows on Virtual Box simple steps :



Virtual Box now a days more popular because it is open source software and installed many hosts depends upon your machine and it uses without any risk and incredible reliable and run it simple.