How to Install JAVA 11 latest version on Windows

Now a days Java is the best programming language and here showing how to simple installations of Java latest version 11 on Windows 10 operating system for beginners . Simply download JDK11 from java official website then install it by below steps on Windows 10.

Step 1: Download JDK11 from website after downloading .exe file then Run as administrator.

After run this JDK11 file it shown below  wizard

Step 2 :Click on “Next” for complete installation. Here one by one ask then simply click on Next button

Step 3: Successfully installed JDK11 file after that will configure

Step 4: First Go to Local disk -> Program files check whether JDK11 is there or not.

Step 5: After that go to JDK11 bin path copy that path for further configurations

Step 6: Right Click on This PC (Computer) click on properties


Step 7: Choose Advanced system settings

Step 8: Click on Advanced tab then go with Environment Variables

Step 9: After that go to System variables select Path and then Edit

Step 10: Paste your JDK 11 bin path here


Step 11: Click on Move Up will reach out into first place for our convince.

Step 12: Check whether Top place or not


Step 13: Open command prompt check  whether Java 11 installed or not simply check with Java version using below command

java -version

Step 14: Check Java compilation also using below command

        javac -version 


If you are still confusing check with this  video for Java 11 installation step by step process


JAVA 11 Features:

1.Java 11 supports  Unicode Standard  9 version and 10 version combination

2. Single file source code programs

3.Introduce new module and packages Http Client* They are mainly:

A)Http client

B)Http Request

C)Http Response

D)Web Socket.

4 .And some modules are removed Java EE and COBRA Modules.





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