Javascript interview questions

Some of the javascript interview questions and topics for UI Developers.

Javascript Interview questions

  1. What is Javascript?
  2. Ways to Handle Javascript Event handlers?
  3. Hoisting Variables and function
  4. What is event Bubbling and capturing?
  5. Javascript pass by value or pass by reference
  6. Javascript functions 
  7. Variables scope
  8. Dom selectors
  9. Ways to create object and arrays
  10. Ways to loop in javascript
  11. Javascript types
  12. what is hapOwnProperty? when it’s useful?
  13. String, Array, Number methods
  14. What is a closure?
  15. How to achieve inheritance?
  16. Javascript encapsulation
  17. Explain call, apply, bind
  18. Javascript Event loop
  19. Callback functions
  20. Javascript promises
  21. Configuring objects
  22. Javascript design patterns
  23. Polyfills
  24. Associative arrays
  25. Freeze, Seal
  26. ES5 Features
  27. ES6 Features
  28. ES7 Features
  29. When to use map, reduce and filter methods?
  30. Explain javascript ‘this’

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