Latest(Updated) Hadoop Admin interview Questions for experienced

1. Explain how to execute the Spark job in Resource manager?

2. Explain how to build a Multi-node cluster on Linux with prerequisites? do you need to install Hadoop on Datanodes also?

3. Explain recently resolved Hadoop issue on your project?

4. How to use Kerberos in your cluster and how it is work?

5.Explain how to install Hortonwork on Google Cloud Platform with step by step

6.Difference between GCP Vs AWS and Linux machine while installing of Hadoop cluster?

7.If one Talend (ETL Tool) job is failed on your Hadoop environment with socket connection issue then how to resolve that issue with simple steps?

8. Explain about Spark SQL jobs with a real-time scenario including impala queries?

9. What is the difference between Spark with Scala and PySpark can you explain briefly?

10. How much daily data will get it from your MapR/Cloudera/Hortonwork Cluster and explain about active and passive nodes?

11. Do you know Python script? If you know explain about which scripts were implemented?

12. How to set the replication factor manually in a single node Hadoop cluster?

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