Best Programming languages to learn during this lockdown(COVID -19) | Python | Kotlin |Swift | Go

In this lockdown period for IT, employees need to learn or update the skills with the best programming languages in the span of the pandemic COVID -19 situation. In this article, we will provide short notes on the best programming languages to learn for beginners or experienced people.

Best Programming languages to learn during this lockdown(COVID -19):

1. Python:

For every IT employee and freshers to learn Python program is mandatory because of Python is one of the topmost programming languages in the present market. Python is used for developing the applications, web applications, Andriod related applications. Python is rapidly increasing in the market it includes Data science, Artificial intelligence, Deep learning, and Natural languages, etc.

In Google so many Python-related tutorials are available. Including Youtube free tutorials are available with coding also. Most of the time to spend python problems with proper coding styles and practice more.

2. Kotlin:

Basically, Kotlin is a new programming language developed by JetBrains. Learning Kotlin is easy for Java developers. Especially for Andriod developing used Kotlin instead of Java because easy to write and read for users/developers with high security. So try to learn in a simple manner using Google/Youtube free sources. Practice with simple codes with different styles.


Swift is a programming language has quickly become one of the fastest-growing languages in the present market. It is easy to write software that is incredibly fast the applications. Swift is to learn and develop the Andriod applications, Desktop applications, etc.

4. Go:

Go is one of the easy to build simple, reliable programming language developed by Google. It is easy to learn and implement for beginners. Simple to implement the applications, desktop related applications. Easy to write Andriod related application. Present market Go is one of the fastest-growing languages for implementing the programs for beginners and experts. Practice with different types of problems on the Go related coding.