Popular Services Offerings in Cloud

Popular IaaS Offerings:

Infrastructure as a Service is the provisioning of IT infrastructure resources like processors, storage and networks etc. over the internet.

Below services best IaaS  offerings in Cloud era.

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3):

Now a days Developers looking for highly scalable, fast and cheap data storage for Amazon Cloud based storage solution i.e. S3. It is a simple web service interface easily access and storage from anywhere.

Citrix Xenserver :

In IT industry IT administrators looking to host, deploy and manage virtual machines would be Citrix Xenserver.

Google Compute Engine:

Consumers of the Google Compute Engine can use Virtual machines are hosting and supporting infra structure.

Popular SaaS Offerings:

Software as a Service is a software distribution model in which software is not downloading it is hosted by third party providing with license and subscription.

LinkedIn, a business and employment oriented social networking  site for solutions, premium subscriptions and some other tools.

Pixlr :

Pixlr is a Cloud based photo editor that offers a wide range of images traditional full version of Photoshop running on a web browser.


Salesforce’s Cloud based CRM software to streamline and automate tracking and managing of customer and analyze customer data to provide business in cloud.

Popular PaaS offerings :

Platform as a Service is platform based category for customers to develop, run and manage  applications.

Google App Engine:

Google App Engine is a cloud based platform which provides developers with public services and API’s for building web applications and mobile based applications .


Microsoft Azure:

Microsoft Azure is a Cloud platform which allows developers to build  operations using tools, applications and frameworks provided on it. The developer need to the underlying infrastructure or a manage the tools licenses and software upgraded.


IBM Bluemix:

IBM Bluemix provides a cloud plat form that provides several programming language as well as and integrated DevOps to build, run, deploy and manage application of Developers using the platform also need not concerned about installing software deal with Virtual machines.



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