Data Engineer Vs Data Science Vs Data Analyst

Nowadays the world’s runs completely on Data. Data engineers are like builders of construction it means that make data usable by data analyst and data scientist through APIs, data applications.

Data Scientist is a Researcher: Use data for advanced analysis, algorithms, data structures, and machine learning.

Data Analyst is a data translate into business insights are like data visualization tools like QlikView, Tableau, etc.

Data Engineer:

  • Data Engineer is the process of extracting the raw data and making it analysis for transforming data from source to destination.
  • Strong knowledge with the ability to create and integrate APIs and understanding the data related queries and performance optimization.
  • Data Engineer must have the skill set on Data infrastructure, Data warehouse management, Extraction transform load, Reporting tools, etc.
  • Technical skills: Python, SQL, Java, ETL Tools, Hadoop, Spark, Bigdata environment, Tableau.

Data Science:

  • The data scientist is the analyses and interprets the complexity of data and must have the skill in Statistical modeling, Machine learning, IDentifying actionable insights, Maths and Data Mining.
  • Technicals skills: In-depth programming knowledge on Python, R or SAS, Big Data analytics.
  • Responsible for developing operational models and data analytics with analytics.

Data Analytics:

Data Analytics is a collect, perform statistical analysis of data and processing of data. numeric data and uses it to help for better decisions. Some of the tasks are to present the insights in non-technical actionable results. Data modeling and reporting techniques along with strong analysis of data statistics.

It simply says that get business value from data through insights(Translate data into business values).

DataAnalytics = Data Engineering + Data Science

Pay Scale :

According to Glassdoor Average Pay:

Data Engineer: $123070 /year

Data Scientist:$115,815/year

Data Analyst: $71,589/year
Summary: In the present market, Data is highly incremented compared to previous years. So we need to skill up with Data Engineer, Data Scientist, and Data Analyst for growth in knowledge and Payscale for future enhancement.

Above three roles are emerging and more sustainable roles with huge demanding in IT sector.