MongoDB Error: The Program can’t start because MSVCP140.dll is missing from your computer.


The Program can’t start because MSVCP140.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem in while installing MongoDB on Windows Operating System.


Solution 1:

Step 1: Uninstall the MongoDB from your Windows machine.

Step 2: Clean your junk files (using CCleaner, etc) from your Windows

Step 3: Remove MongoDB all files from your system.

Step 4: Download the latest version of  MongoDB. If you need Robo 3T studio also download from the MongoDB official website.

Step 5: Trying to install the .exe file using Run as Administration. After completion of MongoDB restarts the windows machine.
After these steps error is still pending so try to follow the second solution

Solution 2:

If DLL (Dynamic Link Libraries) files are missing from your Windows machine. Some of the applications depend on the DLL files because external libraries sync up with these files to fix this issue.

Step 1:  Downloading the missing dll file from the internet and copy the file into a particular file location(C:\Windows\System32).

Step2: After Installing the missing dll file in your local machine then try to install MongoDB or other applications.

If still is not working go with below solution

Solution 3:

Step 1: Run the built-in System File checker tool for corrupted or missing files in the Windows operating system.

Step2: Try to Repair or reinstall of the MongoDB or some other application like Visual Studio.

Step 3: Then copy the DLL file from another Windows operating system and restore it on your computer and followed by re-registering the dll files in your computer.

Summary: In the Windows operating system most of the applications are not complete run the different files. If the Windows OS or software is not able to find any concerned DLL file is missing or corrupted then will receive this type of error: The Program can’t start because MSVCP140.dll is missing from your computer.

How to Install MongoDB on Ubuntu/Linux in Hadoop

MongoDB is one kind of NoSQL database which is popular among many enterprises. It is purely open source document DB. Mongo stores data using document which is called BISON. BSON is a data format which is like JSON in javascript making an application and faster.

Why MongoDB?

It is Full index support:  Can just use an index like what you do in RDBMS

Replication & High Availability:  MongoDB supports  replication  of data between servers for fail over .

Querying: If you knowledge on query language querying is easy to you.

Step 1: Download tarball from Mongo DB website. Here select which version of your Ubuntu and download the tarball 


Step 2: Extract tarball using below command:

tar -xzvf  your tar ball full name

Step 3: After that  update the MONGODB_HOME & PATH variables in bashrc file using below command

nano ~/.bashrc

Step 4:  To check the bashrc changes, open a new terminal and type ‘echo $MONGODB_HOME‘ command.

After will check the exact version of Mongo DB

After Installation and configuration of MongoDB will start services

Step 5: Before starting the mongodb service for the first time, we need to create the data  directory:



Step 6: To start the MongoDB service use the  below command


After completion of start services and open mongo shell to write and read queries in your shell. In Non-relation ship databases didn’t offer that features which means usually it cannot provide full ACID properties. So it will not replace RDBMS in the future because of its weakness in business consistency.