Latest PLSQL(Manadatory)Interview Questions for Freshers/Experience

Latest PLSQL interview Questions in Technical round for All.

PLSQL Interview Questions for Freshers/Experience:

1. How can you reduce query execution time in SQL Tunning

2.The major difference between SP and Triggers?

3. Explain about Analytical functions PL/SQL

4. Which one is execution faster? Truncate or Delete?

5. Coming to Anchored declaration explain about %Type and %rowType?

6. Explain about Cursor different attributes?

7. Write a query to select duplicate values from a table?

8.Difference between Rownum and Rowid with example?

9. Can you explain the difference between the implicit cursor and explicit cursor?
10. Write a query to get first 10 records from a table

11. Explain about Table Type variables?

12. Can you explain the difference between Analytical and aggregate functions?


Sample Talend Questions – MCQs

1. Which of the following in the design workspace indicates an error with a component in Talend

A) A red ‘X’                                                                      B) A red exclamation point

C)A green ‘ I’                                                                    D)A yellow  exclamation point

2. Which of the following components can be used to implement lookup in Talend

A)tJoin                                                                         B) tLookUp

C)tMap                                                                        D)tUnite

3.tMap offers following match modes for a lookup in Talend studio

A)Unique match                                             B)Only unique match

C)First match                                                   D)All matches

4.tMap offers following join model in Talend tool

A)Left Outer Join                                     B)Right Outer Join

C)Inner Join                                                D)Full Outer Join

5. Which of the following the components is used to execute a job infinite times in Talend

A)tInfiniteLoop                                          B) tFileWatcher

C) tForEach                                                  D)tRunJon

6.How to access parameters in the Global Map in Talend ETL tool

A)globalMap.put(“Key”, Object)

B)globalMap.get(“Key”, Object)



7. How do you reference the value of Context Variable FileName in configuration while Talend programming

A)Context.FileName                                B)context.FileName

C)FileName.value                                     D)$context.FileName

8. While Installing your Talend solutions, you have to set the following variable is mandatory?

A)JAVA_HOME                           B)TALEND_HOME

C)TIS_HOME                                 D)JRE_HOME

9. What is the use of a tReplicate component? Choose one best answer?

A)To duplicate the configuration of an existing component

B)To copy the input row to an output row without processing it

C)To duplicate a sub job

D)To send duplicates of an output row to multiple target components

10. How do you see the configuration of an error message for a component in Talend studio?

A)Right-click the component and then click show problem

B)From the errors view

C)Place the mouse pointer over error symbol in the design workspace

D)From the problems view

11. How do you create a row between two components in Talend

A) Drag the target component to source component

B)Right-click the source component click Row followed by the row type and then click the target component

C)Drag the source component onto target components

D)Right-click the source component and then click the target component

12. How do you ensure that a subjob completes before a second subjob runs in Talend?

A)Using RunIf trigger

B)Using the main connection

C)Using onComponentOk or OnComponentError trigger

D)Using onSubJobOk or onSubJobError trigger

13. Which of the following the components will be used to load JSON file to MySQL database in Talend?





14. How do you run a job in Talend Studio?

A)Click the Run button in the Run view

B)Click the Run button in the Job view

C)Click the Run button in the File Menu

D)Click the Start button in the Run view
15. What is the best practice for arranging components on the design workspace in Talend studio?

A)Bottom to Top

B)Right to Left

C)Top to Bottom

D)Matching the flow of data

16. From which tab in component view would you specify the component label in Talend


B)Advanced settings

C)Basic settings


17. How to place your component in a job in Talend Studio?

A) Click it on Edit Menu

B) Click it in the Repository and then click in the design workspace

C) Click it from Repository to the design workspace

D)Click it in the Palette and then click in the design workspace

Kafka Scenarios with Questions

1. Kafka – Scenarios :

I) Suppose one producer is producing more than one consumer  can consume. How will you deal such situation and What are your preventive measures to stop data loss?

II) Suppose Consumer X has read 50 offsets from the topics and it got failed then how consumer  Y will pick up offsets and how does it stores the data and what is the mechanism we need configure to achieve this.

III) Suppose producer is writing the data in CSV format and in structure data then how will the consumer will come to know what is schema the data is coming in and how to specify and where to specify the schema?

Rare questions on Apache Kafka

1.  Rebalancing in Apache Kafka and what way it is useful?

2. How do you manage Offsets in Apache Kafka?

3. Is it possible to run Kafka without Zookeeper?

4.If the server fails in Kafka then how to handle load balancing?