What is the difference between Instagram and Facebook

Instagram Vs Facebook

Instagram and Facebook are two of the most popular social networking applications. Facebook has some pros and cons as well as Instagram also.


Instagram is a completely Visual platform with quality pictures and videos.

The medium compress of interactive and makes for easy scrolling.

In marketing companies should be advertising and promoting the business on Instagram.

Instagram now has 1 billion monthly active users. 60% of users log in daily. It making the second most engaged social networking application after facebook.

Instagram is mainly used for a video or pics sharing service and Instagram was acquired by Facebook in 2012.

In Instagram #hashtags work best for connection with the related community of users.

Instagram uses HTML5 and Python(Django Framework) languages for development and utilizes Java or Kotlin languages for Andriod application.


Facebook can be considered to be a more large-scale social networking application compared to Instagram.

The basic functions on Facebook are more developed like Facebook pages, texts, events, groups, Updates with location, share extensive images and videos.

Coming to marketing some companies are should be advertising on Facebook.

Facebook is older than Instagram. In the world, around 80% of all students are using Facebook accounts.

Facebook now has 2.37 billion monthly active users.65% of users log in daily. It making the topmost engaged social networking application.

In Facebook Promotion of events and content information to users. Mostly about textual content compared to Instagram.

In Facebook, we can save posts but Instagram we can’t save the posts.

Facebook uses PHP, Java and C++  programming language for developing the application.

Summary: Facebook and Instagram are owned by Mark Zuckerberg. Headquarters in Menlo Park, California, United States. Both are popular social network applications in the world. Insta is like one of the features of Facebook.  Facebook can post status updates are like videos, photos.