How to install WhatsApp on Windows 7/8/10 in Laptop/Computer Without Bluestacks

Simple steps to Install WhatsApp on Windows in Laptop/Computer without Bluestacks:

WhatsApp Messenger is one of the topmost communication Application for Android, iOS and Windows laptop for all users. Here is a step to step installation of WhatsApp Messenger on the Windows or Mac os in your computer/ Laptop without Bluestack application.

Here is the complete installation of WhatsApp Messenger without Bluestacks:

Step 1: Go to WhatsApp official website WhatsApp for downloading WhatsApp.exe file for Windows.

Step 2: Then download “Download For Windows (64-BIT)”

Step 3: After downloading WhatsApp Messenger .exe file then install it.

Step 4: Give your mobile number then will get OTP. Give your OTP then click on “Next”.

After successful installation of WhatsApp in your computer/laptop. Default in your desktop created a shortcut of WhatsApp.

Another option for WhatsApp on your Laptop in below steps of all users.

How to open WhatsApp Web on your computer/laptop:

Step 1: First Go to WhatsAppWeb on your Google chrome browser/Firefox in your laptop/computer.

Step 2: Then open WhatsApp on your mobile either Android or iOS

Step 3: On top of Right: click on Menu -> click on WhatsApp Web

Step 4: Take your phone to this screen to capture the QR code like below snapshot in your computer/laptop

How to Logout from WhatsAppWeb from your computer:

Step 1: After successfully open WhatsAppWeb in your laptop/computer on the left of your screen select Menu -> click on Logout then automatically closed the WhatsApp from your browser.

If you want to change your Setting in your WhatsAppWeb click on Settings then change simply.

Summary: WhatsApp Messenger installation and WhatsAppWeb in your computer/Laptop on Windows 7/8/10 operating system without Bluestacks. Above steps for all users with simple guidance. WhatsApp Messenger almost using on Android, iOS, and Windows mobiles but sometimes we need to installation on Laptop/Computer for sharing or communication purpose. So here is simple for all users.