The World of Machine Learning

When Machine Learning is Used:

Analysis on a given data by a human being has massive associated cost, time and effort as in the case of Express.

Human competence is absent for example If we want to navigate on space and we don’t have the expertise available we can make a machine lean and let it navigate on an unknown territory without any human

In Human competence cannot always be explained.

Example: Image processing, Self driven, Speech recognition

Amazon Go:

At present situation physical stores like amazon is setting up and eliminates the need for register while going through a common place shopping experience. Shoppers can pick items off the aisles as the would any supermarket without the need to go through the inconvenience of billingĀ  the items at counters. All shoppers need to is swipe a card when they enter the store and pick up product via amazon wallet.

Translate Apps:

Now a days lot of built applications that help us communicate with people in any languages at all. Some applications like Google Translate have eliminated the need for memorizing common phrases from different languages and struggle of connecting with people from all over the world.

Self Driven Cars:

Present have lot of cars that can take anybody from one place to other place with no need for human interaction. These cars navigate independently, sense any other barrier in the path and manually accordingly. Slowing down, stopping and accelerating up on their own, self driven cars haveĀ the potential of reducing accidents. From tolerateĀ  time for drivers reducing traffic, self driven cars have turned around the whole experience of travelling on roads.

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