Top 7 Easiest Programming Languages to Learn in 2019

In present IT market need most talented programming language skilled employees. It tells that which programming language is best for future.

Now, here are the Top 7 best and easiest programming languages you should try to learn.


At present situation the top easiest programming language is Python. You will think about why? the latest reports that Python showed 456 – percent growth in last year. Coming to business analysis IBM, Netflix uses Python. It is considered for deployment automation and web development mostly. Python is among the easiest programming language to learn and deploy. Majorly two reasons it is easiest language.

The first reason is the uses very few lines to code for complex code. Secondly, it is a scripting language. So these two reasons is the Python is the most easiest language to learn in 2019.


JavaScript is one of the languages are on highly demanding language. JavaScript is a purely scripting language to build web applications anyway of its complexity. Now a days it is used as Front-end and Back-end of websites. It is also learn simply in 2019 for future scope.

Note: JavaScript is not related to Java. Java is a purely programming languageĀ  but JavaScript is a Scripting language.


Java is among the simplest programming language. You must and should learn because it is highly portable and run anywhere(Platform independent). Java is existence from many years for web applications and android applications. There is high demand for Java developers in present market.


Ruby is a friendly scripting language compare with all scripting language. It is also used for web applications and android application development. Easily readable language and similar to Python so it is simple to learn in 2019.


Go is a Google open source programming language and limited structured typing. Go is mostly used for network applications and web servers.

5. C and C++:

C and C++ languages are great to learn because it is impacted many other languages. Easily learn Java also because it is logically jump simply. It is used for software development, web applications. It is also learn most preferable for 2019.


C# is a good choice for whoever coming to IT sector like freshers to be simple startup time. It is used for web development to console applications. This syntax also same as C and C++. Little bit complex compiler.

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