How to resolve odbc connection issue in Hive in Hadoop Cluster |MapR|Cloudera

Nowadays, most one of the familiar issue ODBC connection issue while connecting to Hive in Hadoop cluster (Cloudera, MapR).

Hive ODBC connection issue in Hadoop Cluster whether Cloudera or MapR distributions.

Most probably got this type of error in Hive ODBC connection error.

Failed to establish the connection
SQLSTATE:HY000[MapR][HiveODBC] Error from Hive: connect () failed: error no = 10061

Resolution :

Step 1: First, remove before connections Hive ODBC connections
Step 2: Open ODBC Data Source Administrator and click on HIVE ODBC related system data source available depends upon your cluster.
Step 3: Here is HIVESSL_ODBC is available and then click on the “Add” button like below snapshot.

Step 4: After that select MicroStrategy Hive ODBC Driver will get Hive ODBC Driver DSN Setup for configurations.

Step 5: After getting Hive ODBC Driver DSN Setup:

Will provideĀ  below details:

  • Data Source Name: either Sample MapR Hive DSN or Cloudera Hive DSN
  • Host: Give the hostname of your machine wherever installed Hive server
  • Database: default
  • Port: By default, it showing like 10000, 10501, etc.
  • Hive Server Type: Hive Server 2
  • Mechanism: select User Name and Password
  • Username: Give your username
  • Password: Give your password only
  • Check your SSL options whether it is enabled or not. If the SSL option is not enabled then change to enable the option.

Finally, Test the connection will get a message “SUCCESS” then click on “Ok” simply.

Step 6: After successfully completed of your Hive ODBC settings then Restart the hive service.

Open beeline on your edge node cluster:

beeline> !connect jdbc:hive2://<hiveserver>10001/default;principal = hive/hiveserver@HADOOPCLUSTER.COM;transportMode=http;httpPath=cliservice