How to resolve Connection issues in Cassandra and HBase | Error| Solution

What is Apache Cassandra?

Cassandra is an open-source, distributed, Not Only SQL database management system designed to handle a large amount of across data.

How to install Cassandra? Cassandra simple to install on Ubuntu/Linux with step by step processing and why should be using Apache Cassandra in Data handled:

Install Cassandra on Ubuntu Linux

What is Apache HBase?

Hadoop + DataBase runs on top of the Hadoop eco-system. It is a Database which is an open-source, distributed, NoSQL database related. It provides random access and data stores in HDFS files that are indexed by key, values

How to install Apache HBase on Linux/Ubuntu system?

It is simple to the installation of HBase on the Linux operating system with step by step processing.
Installation of HBase on Ubuntu

Cassandra Connection error:

Error: Exception encountered during startup

java.lang.Illegal exceptionArgumentException is already in reerseMap to (Username)

at org.apache.cassandra.utils.concurrentBiMap.put(

at org.apache.cassandra.config.schema.load(

at org.apache.cassandra.config.schema.load(

HBase Connection Error:

Client.ConnectionManager$HConnection Implementation: Can't get  connection to Zookeeper service connection loss for /hbase

After installation of Cassandra and HBase services on top of the Hadoop Eco-system I got this type of error.  Anyone have found resolution please post it here.

Summary: In Hadoop eco-system Apache HBase, Cassandra services are most useful in the large data sets. After installation of Hadoop, I tried to install HBase, Cassandra on top of the Hadoop cluster in the Big Data environment system. I am getting both HBase, Cassandra connection error, already mentioned at the top of the page but I am unable to find out the resolution. Here is my resolution is I stopped the Apache HBase service and restart that after that I am getting another error. Meanwhile,, I stopped the Cassandra services and started the service then working fine but I am didn’t find the exact solution for the above errors if anyone finds its kindly post in the comment box.