Kafka Scenarios with Questions

1. Kafka – Scenarios :

I) Suppose one producer is producing more than one consumer  can consume. How will you deal such situation and What are your preventive measures to stop data loss?

II) Suppose Consumer X has read 50 offsets from the topics and it got failed then how consumer  Y will pick up offsets and how does it stores the data and what is the mechanism we need configure to achieve this.

III) Suppose producer is writing the data in CSV format and in structure data then how will the consumer will come to know what is schema the data is coming in and how to specify and where to specify the schema?

Rare questions on Apache Kafka

1.  Rebalancing in Apache Kafka and what way it is useful?

2. How do you manage Offsets in Apache Kafka?

3. Is it possible to run Kafka without Zookeeper?

4.If the server fails in Kafka then how to handle load balancing?