How to install STS(Spring Tool Suite) on Ubuntu 16.04 with pictures

STS: Spring Tool Suite is ready to run a time environment for Java, Scala, Groovy, Kotlin, and etc programming languages. It is used to deploy Spring applications directly. It is working like Eclipse IDE but very fast and easier to Spring applications.

Prerequisites :

Ubuntu 16.04 version operating system

JDK 1.7 or more version for compatibility

Installation of STS on Ubuntu 16.04:

Step 1: Goto  Spring official website:
then select the Linux operating system to download the tarball from the site.

Step2: After downloading the tarball, move into Java path for better compatibility.

Step3: Change the permission of the Spring tarball using below command:

chmod 777 spring-tool-suite-tarball.x86_64.tar.gz

Step 4: Extract the tarball using below command from the command prompt:

tar -xzvf spring-tool-suite-tarball.x86_64.tar.gz

Output: We get three folders like legal, pivotal-tc-server and sts-version.RELEASE

Step5: Goto sts-version.RELEASE folder then runs the “STS” application directly. Will get “Spring Tool Suite 3 Launcher”. Click on the “Launch” button.

Step 6: We get the Spring Tool Suite Dashboard for Spring writing, deploying Applications for easier.
Creating a simple Spring Application:

Step 7: Goto top corner left of the STS Eclipse IDE click on the below option:

"File" - > "New" -> "Spring Starter Project"

Step 8: Give your name of the Spring Starter Project Name, then choose Type version either Maven or other options.

Step 9: Then prove Group, Artifacts of your project details. Click on “Next” then choose Spring Boot Version. If you want Cloud-based then choose the AWS, GCP etc, then click on “Finish” simply.

Step 10: Then automatically create a simple Spring project in STS with main, test files including pom.xml file in the project.

Step 11: The above steps are very simple to create projects in STS.

Summary: Here is the Installation of Spring Tool Suite on Ubuntu 16.04(Linux operating system) and creating a sample Spring project with details of the project including cloud bases also. It same as Windows operating system for installation and creating projects on STS.