Smart way of looping in JavaScript

Whenever there is a scenario of looping the first thing that strikes our mind is for. But actually, there are clean and better ways to loop without using for in javascript.


ECMAScript 5 provided methods forEach, map, reduce, filter and ECMAScript 6 provided find method that resides on Array prototype. Therefore depending on the scenario, we can use appropriate methods instead of for loop.

    • forEach: forEach() method calling a provided function on every array element.
      • Demo Array.forEach¬†forEach
    • map: map() method creates a new array with the result of calling a provided function on each element.¬†
      • Demo map


  • reduce: reduce() method results a single value that is a result of calling a reducer function on each element.
    • Demo Array.reduce()js reducer method
  • filter: filter() method creates a new array with all elements that pass a test implemented by the provided function
    • Demo Array.filter()filter method
  • find: method returns the value of the first element in an array that passes a test implemented by the provided function
    • Demo Array.find()

Who is better at performance?

Obviously for loops are faster than Javascript methods(map, reduce, filter, find)  because these methods can have extra overhead, behind the scene even these methods could be using for loop.

Demo reducer vs forfor vs reduce

If for loops are faster then why javascript methods?

These methods are self-explanatory and using the appropriate method for the use case can help the team understand what you are doing.