How to make a Bootable USB in Windows 7/8/10 with cmd commands

In USB booting makes with simple commands without internet. Some tools are the directly booting example: Rufus etc. But in your offline, it is useful and improves your commands in windows. First, we need Pendrive or USB without content because when will format it so data will lose at the time. Empty USB then follow below steps simply.

 Bootable USB in Windows 7/8/10 with Cmd Commands

Step:1 Start Command with Run as Administrator

In your command Prompt with Run as Administrator for user privileges

Step 2: Type “diskpart” in your command prompt for disk information

Here simply check with disk version and copyrights information

Step 3 : Type “list disk”

Then see above list of your disks in your PC

Step 4 :Type “select disk 1” here we take only

Check which one is your USB drive after that will select it.

Step 5 :Type “clean”

Simply clean with your USB disk only. Here erase your USB contents and create new tracks in your USB.

Step 6 :Type “create partition primary”

After clean USB then will create a partition in your drive

Step 7 :Type “select partition 1”

After creation, your partition in your USB then will select the partition

Step 8: Type “active”

After selecting your USB then active command using active your USB tracks and partitions.

Step 9 : Type “format fs = fat 32 quick”

After active your USB then will format in FAT format quickly

Step 10:Type “assign”

Assign your USB

Step 11:Type “exit”

After assigning your USB then exit then copy your operating system files.


After completed above steps will copy your operating system files into your USB or Pendrive. Otherwise if you Internet facilities then will go with Booting tools. Be careful with when will booting because some times lose content in your USB please check then move further steps.

In Windows operating systems installation time will use these commands for beginners and admins.