Best Frameworks in Python

Top Most Frameworks in Python:

At present in IT Python is most rated programming language because it is very simple to learn and use. And Python has a wide range of applications.


Python is an interpreted, dynamically and high-level language. It is based on Object-oriented programming language(OOPS).  In development centers with Python will require a framework to code. At the time we used Python frameworks.

Best Python Frameworks:

1. Django

Django is one of the most popular open source Python web framework. It is very useful for freshers and experienced Python programmers. Django is complete with database engines while coming to real-time applications like Instagram by Django. Finally, it is kind of a website it contains JSON, XML, RSS.

Django helps developers to create complex code and applications in an easier way and time complexity also less. Some features like URL routing ORM, O-Auth, database schema migrations, etc.


Flask is one of the powerful programming languages we can use Python to develop standalone applications like apps. It has own template known as Jinja. Nowadays Flask is considered more Python developers than Django because in common situations the equivalent Flask Web application is more explicit. Flask is also easy to get with boilerplate code.

Example :

from flask import Flask



def FirstProgram():

return “First Example of Flask”

if_name_ ==’_main_’:

3. Sanic:

Sanic is an easy open source of Python 3.5+. Sanic is similar to Flask function but here a little bit different is Faster compare with Flask. Sanic mainly HTTP responses with the help of asynchronous requests it means that can use the new shiny async /await syntax from Python and non-blocking.

Example :

from sanic import Sanic

app = Sanic()


async def demo(request);

return (“First Demo”)

if _name_ == “_main_”: = “”, port = 8081)

4. CherryPy :

CherryPy is an open source of Python. It allows developers to build web application sometimes using object-oriented Python framework. It will take less time complexity during developing source code and it has won multi-threaded web server.CherryPy is a reliable, HTTP/1.1 compliant, Web Server Gateway Interface threaded pooled web server and it runs multiple HTTP servers at once.


from cherrypy import Cherrypy

class FirstDemo{

def index(self)

return “First Demo in CherryPy” True


5. Web2py :

Web2py is an opensource, fast, scalable, secure, full – stack and web-based application framework. Web2py is a portable , code editor, debugger and deployment tool and it uses LDAP for authentication in Security. It is mainly used for built-in components to handle HTTP request, responses, cookies, and sessions. To ability to read multiple protocols. And it follows MVC (Model – View – Controller) pattern.


def FirstDemo();

response.view = ‘simple example

return dict(message= ( “First Demo”))


Above Python frameworks are most preferable compare with other frameworks. Remaining also most versatile frameworks nowadays.