Top 7 Technology Trends for 2019

1.Artificial Intelligence :

In future Artificial Intelligence is one most emerging technology in industry will continue to talk for the next 30 years. At present Google built algorithms for optimized results for example Google Brain developed algorithms created new encryption methods, policies and neural networks. Facebook also created its own languages through AI. It is completely different to Human Intelligence.

2. Blockchain:

Blockchain  is a mostly used in Financially Services industry and Business. It is continuously evolving and the next decade of technology. In digital market situation digital currency such as Bitcoin will take huge  market. Blockchain is a full of Transparency and Security.  According to Gartner, It will generate $3.1 trillion business value by 2030.

3.Machine Learning:

Now a days Machine Learning is hyper emerging technology because it enable machines to learn from data. In this time when machines reach a higher level of intelligence than human intelligence. With complex tasks like image recognition no need to longer time and most applications will include machine learning. Finally computers will get really good at talking like humans.

4. IoT:

Internet of Things (IoT) will play major rule in the future and there is expected to be excellent market in the up coming years. As many of the organization have deployed IoT based solutions for example in a car booking system GPS in the car to tracking location and security. It is also one of the IoT.

5.Big Data  and Analytics:

At present IT market emergence and growth of Big data and Analytics it examines large amount of data . In most of the companies uses Big data technologies like Hadoop and Cloud based analytics. Especially Data science perspective, Business perspective and Real time perspective. In real time world used in Banking, Healthcare ,manufacturing etc.

6. Cloud Computing & DevOps:

In recent years most of the people talks about Cloud Computing and DevOps. Especially in Cloud Computing like AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. In a digital world is a connected to the Cloud. It will provide the digital infrastructure and remote hosted servers on the Internet store  and process data. Present IT market also Cloud based products are available.

Coming to DevOps it means that set of developments and operations are together to complete software  development . It reduces failures and continuous integrations and increase efficiencies.

7 .RPA:

Robotic Process Automation is an emerging form of automation technology based on Artificial Intelligence. So many people think that digital enterprise involves coding and testing in a lot of applications. So we need BOT that handle repeatedly and predictive tasks