New shopping features on Instagram!

With 800 million active monthly users and 500 million active daily users, Instagram is a top on social media.

Instagram shopping

Instagram introduced business profiles in 2016 since then business that uses Instagram started growing rapidly. 71% of US businesses use Instagram for marketing their products.

80% of the users follow at least one business on Instagram. Visually appealing e-commerce experience on Instagram attracted many users to shop on Instagram stores. Therefore, brands promoting on Instagram reported an increase in 1,416% traffic with a 20% raised traffic.

Instagram last week introduced 3 new features for easy online shopping ahead of holidays. This shopping features aid brands in getting more reach for their products.

  1. Shopping collection:  Products from the store can now be saved into shopping collections on click of saving badge. Therefore users can categories shopping items from other posts.Shopping collection
  2. Shop via Video:  The Instagram shopping via video feature provides products available in that video. Resulting in visually appealing user experience.Video shopping
  3. Shop tab for business profiles: A new shop tab is introduced on business profiles that help users to find and shop posts from that account.
    Instagarm Shop tabInstagram new shopping features will be helpful for brand promotion and also provides a great shopping experience for the user.