How to Configured Bridged Networking for an Existing Virtual Machine

Virtual Box is an open-source hosted hypervisor for PCs developed by Oracle. Virtual Box may be installed on a number of hosting operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac OS, etc.

Here will Windows system has hosted and installed alongside Windows for Linux operating system

First Download and Install Virtual Box in your machine. After that will open Virtual Box then follow below steps :

Step 1: Open Virtual Box click on Settings icon

Step 2: Click on Network then will go Enable Network Adapter choose options then click on Ok

Step 3: Select  Bridged Adapter then click on OK


If any confusing with above steps then will go with below link



Nowadays Virtual Box is more popular because it is open-source and installed so many hosts depends upon our machine. And it is simple to download and install very simple for beginners and admins.

Virtual Box uses for the organization because running multiple operating systems simultaneously and it run more than one operating system at a time for all users. It uses without any risk and incredibly reliable and run it simply.

Network types in Virtual Box:

Bridged Networking

In mostly Bridged Networking, the guest system will receive direct access to the network to host system connected directly

NAT Service

First NAT means Network Address Translation service for communication in between Host and guest systems. It is like a router and directly access to host systems from guest systems. The NAT service-connected in Internal networking like LAN and Intranet.

Host-Only Networking

In Host-only networking communication between guest systems and the host system is connected but we need customized network interfaces.

Internal Networking

In Internal Networking communication between guest systems and the host system connected is possible. Here also we need customized network interface will be used in between Host and Guest Host system.