Most Popular Windows 10 Errors List & How to Fix Them | Windows 10 | ERRORS

A system error code is known by different names to include “Error Code”, “System Error Code” or “Operating System Error Code” all are exchangeable.

Take a look at what the code means and find the solution after understanding the error code displayed on the windows.

It is also important what action you took prior to being an error report displayed. It depends on your knowledge of how you Identify and fix up the error.

It might be an easy task for a programmer but not for all of us. No worries! Just follow these simple steps to get rid of the errors in windows 8/10.

Most Popular Windows 8/10 Errors

1. The system cannot find specified files

The common cause of this system error code is either corruption or damage to the device driver or registry conflict. Might be other causes like problems of hardware, infection of virus or software corruption, and damaged windows setting.

You should take care of maintenance and updates to prevent system error happening on your computer.

You can follow some steps to prevent this error

  •  Use a good anti-virus software
  • Scan all file
  • Regular registry maintenance of registry with trusted software

2. Error 403 Access Denied/forbidden

A common cause of this system error is

  • Damaged or missing windows update on your computer.
  • Damaged or missing internet explorer file.
  • Damaged hosted files or incorrect information.

To fix this error following procedures can be used to find the cause of the issue:

  • Disable security, download assistant, or web accelerator software.
  • Disable third-party software like security software, antivirus software, web accelerators.
  • If can’t fix update Microsoft.

3. The system cannot find the drive specified

Why do we get this error? Here are the common reasons

  • The permission of system file tempered when system file optimizing software
  • Missing files in drivers
  • The specified file name was tempered
    And etc.

To fix this error you can use the following procedures:

  • Scan your computer by antivirus software
  • If necessary scan your system and clean the computer
  • We can search the specified file name on Google and after downloading put into the corresponding folder.

4. Security Certificate Errors

The common cause of this error is incorrect computer data, expired security certificate, not a trust-able website.
To fix the Error use the following steps

  • Be sure your computer’s date and time are accurate. Click right on the time to adjust the time and date.

If the error continues follow the steps

  • Launch Internet Explorer on your computer
  • Click Tools – Internet Options
  • The “Internet Option” window appears.
  • *click the advanced tad
  • *under “security” uncheck the boxes check for publisher’s revocation and check for
  • Server certificate revocation.
  • *click apply.
  • *click ok.
  • *close and Relaunch internet explorer, which should correct the error.

5. Blue screen stop Errors

A blue screen Error also is known as a stop error. If you face this type of Error

You won’t be able to see the start menu or the taskbar on your computer screen when you turned on. Instead, you can see a blue screen with a message that your computer ran into a problem and needs to restart.

How to fix

  • See if a system restore or last known good configuration
  • Then run your anti-virus and pc junk/registry cleaner. Then run the windows check disk utility.
  • Then identify if you’ve made any software or hardware change or modification.

Use windows diagnostic tool. Check your memory. Open the control panel and type memory in the search box. Under administrative tools, click diagnose your computer’s memory problems. In the windows memory diagnostics tool, show here, select one of the options.

  • Check BIOS is an update available from the manufacturer of the motherboard or system. After resetting all BIOS options to defaults can sometimes resolve an issue caused by over tweaking.
  • Run the Windows 10, blue screen troubleshooter.

Hope these simple and tricky steps will help you get the results you want. You can now easily get rid of these errors in windows 8/10 yourself.

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