CTS Hadoop Admin interview Questions for experienced | Big Data | Hadoop

In this article, we will share CTS Hadoop Admin interview questions for experienced people in the Big Data environment.

CTS Hadoop Admin interview questions:

1. What is Hadoop Namenode? explain how it works?

Basically, Hadoop Namenode another name is Master node. It manages the data and control the Data nodes. It keeps the entire file systems and data.
Namenode works

2. What is journal nodes? how it helps in recovering the data?

Simply, journal nodes means synchronization between Active name node and Passive nodes in the Hadoop HA. These nodes recovering through the FSImage and snapshots.

3. Explain to me the rack awareness concept in Hadoop? how does it work?

Rack awareness is one of the concept in Hadoop systems. It’s distributing data nodes across multiple racks. The data blocks occurring data as rack wise.

4.How to delete last 30 days files in HDFS?

find  /source path or /source directory / -type f -mtime +30 -name  ‘*.txt’ -execdir rm — { } \;

5. Do you know Hadoop file formats, explain one by one file formats?

Text, AVRO, ORC file formats.  Explain brief idea about all file formats.

6.How much rate you will give for Linux out of five?

I said three out of five, then he will ask below Linux related questions:

7.Which raid is more comfort for read and write operations?

Raid 10 (Redundant Arrays of Independent Disks)

8.How to check whether the machine is working properly or not?

through “uptime” command will see the machine is working or not properly.

9.My machine is  rebooted, then how can I see the machine is running or not?

10.How to get the 100 file from 1 lack files in the Linux  machine?

I have no idea on this question.

11.Do you have any idea on Big Data ETL tools? if yes, please explain me any tool with examples.

Yes, Talend tools. Explained about the tool.

12.How much you’re Hadoop cluster size? How much data it will come from source?

It depends upon you’re cluster size.

The above interview questions I have faced in Technical round -1