Deloitte Hadoop Developer interview Questions for experienced | Big Data | Hadoop

In this article, we will explain Deloitte Hadoop developer interview questions for experienced professionals in the Big Data Engineer.

Deloitte Hadoop developer Interview Questions:

  1. Tell me about yourself? explain you’re current project and data flow?
  2.  What is Big Data? how it influences the world?
  3. What is Spark? explain Spark architecture?
  4. Difference between Spark standalone mode and local mode? explain how it works?
  5. What is Sparse Vector? why we need SV?
  6. Do you have any idea on different types of transformations on DStreams? where do we use exactly in the code?
  7. Explain between Spark Persist() and Spark Cache() in your project?
  8. Do you know different types of file formats? explain each one? In which scenario it can be used?

  1. Why do we use large data sets in Hadoop files, why didn’t use smaller files in real-time?
  2. What is speculative execution in Hadoop? In which scenario it will come into the picture?
  3. Difference between Apache Hive and Impala services? explain why those services are within the project only?
  4. Define HBase service in Hadoop? explain how to create tables?
  5. Explain the difference between Hive managed tables and external tables? with example?
  6. What are Hive UDFs? explain each and everything about the UDFs?
  7. What is Hive Metastore? how it works while executing the Hive query?

The above interview questions for Hadoop Developer in Deloitte, first technical interview questions, I have faced all questions and some of the scenario-based interview questions I faced in the interview panel.  In the Big Data environment, the Hadoop developer is a major role to develop large or complex data.