A few years ago, No one knows about Cloud computing but now world moves into Cloud computing and major role in the IT industry.

Cloud Computing: Is a general term for the on-demand delivery of computer-based, databases, applications, storage, and different other IT services through the internet. But how do you confirm it which Cloud Service provider is best? Which Cloud Service provider is cheapest and expensive? has different types of services?

Today we compare Amazon Web Services(AWS) and Google Cloud Platform(GCP). Nowadays, mostly preferable three cloud services are Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and  Microsoft Azure.

Here is will discuss the following  below services on Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services:

The Major Difference between AWS and Google Cloud Platform


Amazon Web Services are most required preferable Cloud platform so it AWS is the leader of the Cloud computing services due to explore IaaS ( Infrastructure as a Service) since 2006. AWS has already built a powerful global network to provide a virtual host for the IT industry.

Data centers are fiber linked an arranged all over the global network system.

Amazon Web Services mainly focused on Security, Automation, programmable, etc.  AWS Cloud Build is extensible, fully managed build service that provides continuous integration, continuous development ( CI/CD). It helps for automatic scaling and grows on demand with your customization. Depends on different types of versions.

AWS Code Deploy: Code Deploy delivers the working package to every instance outlined pre-configured parameters. Including EC2 instance on-premises services.

AWS Compute: Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud), containers, AWS Batch, Auto Scaling, AWS Lambda, Amazon VPC.

AWS Storage: Amazon Simple Storage Service(S3), Elastic Block storage, AWS Storage Gateway.

Database: Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Elastic Cache, Amazon RedShift.

Migration: AWS  Migration Hub, AWS Database Migration Service, AWS Snowball.

Networking & Content Delivery:  Amazon VPC (Virtual Private Cloud), CloudFront, RouteS3

Developer Tools: Amazon Web Service CodeStar, AWS CodeBuild, Code Deploy, AWS X-Ray, AWS Tools & SDKs.

Management Tools: Amazon CloudWatch, AWS Cloud Trail, AWS config, AWS Managed Sevices, AWS Management Console.

Security, Identity & Compliance: AWS Identity and Access Management(IAM), Amazon Cloud Directory, Amazon Inspector, AWS Key Management Service.

Big Data and Machine Learning  & Artificial intelligence products:

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is mostly building the Big Data systems due to the integration with DevOps tools like Kuberbetes, Docker, etc. AWS supports Hadoop platforms like Hortonworks, Cloudera distributions in Big Data environment with AWS Lambda, which is a perfect match for Bigdata analysis tasks. Artificial intelligence services provide developers with the ability to add intelligence applications through an API call to pre-trained services Amazon Lex uses for Amazon Alexa to provide advanced deep learning functionalities of ASR and Natural Programming Language to enable to build applications.

Google Cloud Platform:

Google Cloud Platform is a lot of varieties of services and solutions to software and hardware infrastructure that Google uses for YouTube and Gmail. GCP is one of the largest and most advanced computer network, storage for some applications. Monitoring, Stackdriver debugger, Stackdriver Logging, Security Scanner services.

Some management tools for the Google Cloud Platform environment in follow below tools:

Google Compute Engine: Google Compute Engine allows users to launch virtual desktops, machines on the cloud.  It is VMs boot quickly come with persistent on storage, performance. Virtual servers are available in a different configuration including sizes of machines.

Google Deployment Manager: Google Cloud Deployment manager allows all the resources needed for your application. Deployment Manager is one of the DevOps teams. For deploy many resources at one time, in parallel in Google Cloud Console in a hierarchical view.

GCP Cloud Console: GCP Cloud console gives a detailed view of every day in Cloud platform in web applications, virtual machines, data analysis, data store, networking, developer services. It is scalable and diagnoses productions issues in applications.

Google Cloud Platform is Google Compute instance up to 96 vCPUs and 634 GB of RAM.Google Cloud for storage/disk with volume sizes up to 64 TB.

Coming to Network information GCP is subject to a 2Gbits /seconds(Gbps) for better performance. It may increase the network up to 16Gbps. Google cloud platform to provide more good network system in Cloud.
GCP is to provide Security for applications with strong authentications factor. NSA has infiltrated the data center connections on Google Cloud. Even the stored data is encrypted, not to mention the traffic between data centers. There is Relational Database Sevice does provide data encryption as an option in different multiple availability zones.

  • Predictions and Facts:

Cloud predicated that Infrastructure as a service(IaaS), currently growing at 24 %. Nowadays clearly that the market for Cloud Computing is growing at different rates.

  • Market Share (AWS vs Google Cloud):

Present market share the topmost competing for Cloud Computing are AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, etc. Then comparatively AWS alarming rate is high compared to all cloud services.

  • Service Comparision:

Coming to service comparisons in Google Cloud and AWS, various services offered by AWS and GCP.

IaaS in GCP is Google Compute Engine coming to AWS is Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud.

PaaS in GCP is Google App Engine. In AWS is AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Containers are in GCP is Google Kubernetes Engine. In AWS is Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud Containers Services.

Finally, Serviceless Functions are in GCP is Google Cloud Functions. In WAS is AWS Lambda.

  • Storage Services:

Coming storage services File Storage in AWS is Amazon Elastic File System. In GCP is ZFZ/Avere.

Object storage in AWS is Elastic Load Balancer. GCP is Google Cloud Storage.

  • Management Services:

For Monitoring AWS Services we are using in Amazon CloudWatch. In GCP using Stackdriver Monitoring.

For Deployment AWS Services using AWS Cloud Formation in GCP using Google Cloud Deployment Manager.

Pricing Comparision :

Now Google Cloud Platform is a clear winner to the cost of services. First GCP provides $300 for free tier account for 12 months. AWS also provides less cost for one-month free tier services how much will spending on the machines. For example 2 CPU cores, 8GB RAM instance for GCP priced at $50 per month. Coming to AWS instances with same configurations priced at  $69 per month. M

Summary:  Amazon Web Services supports AWS documentation and AWS ForumsGoogle. Coming to Google Cloud Platform to provide some support documentation Cloud Forums and Google Cloud Documentation. Now go with Billing and Pricing AWS simple monthly calculator and Google Cloud Platform pricing Calculator. Both are very good Cloud Computing services at present market.