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How many maps are there in PUBG Mobile?

Maps in PUBG Mobile (Classic Mode):

# Livik

PUBG Mobile has introduced a fresh map called Livik. This particular map is the first map that’s exclusive to mobile devices.

The new map features a Nordic location and can offer a spread of terrain features. However, it’s also a way smaller map that will only accommodate 50 players. Then there’s the very fact that matches on the new map only last for about quarter-hour instead of the 30-40 minutes skirmishes players have grown familiar with in other maps like Erangel and Miramar.

# Erangel

Erangel is that the first map in PUBG Mobile. it’s an 8×8 island and is one among the foremost popular maps within the game. consistent with the map is predicated on an offshore island on the brink of Russia. The map may be a mixture of small towns, military bases and power plants.


# Miramar

Miramar is that the second map introduced in PUBG Mobile and was the primary map to be revamped within the game. it’s an 8×8 island likely supported Mexico. it’s a desert map with a mix of cities, deserts, and rural areas.

# Sanhok

Sanhok maybe a 4×4 map that involves faster play. it’s inspired by the rain forests in Southeast Area. it’s grassy terrain with a jungle feel. As per the map is predicated on Thailand and therefore the Philippines.

# Vikendi

Vikendi maybe a 6×6 map with a snowy terrain and features a snow forest theme. it’s smaller than Erangel and Miramar but larger than Sanhok. it’s supported an island within the Adriatic.

Maps in PUBG Mobile (Arcade Mode):

1. Quick Falls or Lately?

Because the map is little and therefore the number of players is sort of tons, the speed to plunge may be a vital thing. Once you discover the Jump button on the screen, please immediately jump and sharpen to the bottom to realize additional speed. If you’re the primary to land. mastery of the battlefield would be better and will look for weapons faster and obtain ready.

2. Watch the Safe Zone!

From my experience of playing, the most task you’ve got to try to to in Arcade Mode to be a winner is to defeat the attacking enemy and run into the safe zone every jiffy. make certain to always move to a secure zone point and not focus an excessive amount of on weapons search mode or anything. don’t forget, the opposite players also will have an equivalent got to run into the safe zone. So you’ve got to stay cautious and alert at every opportunity to run.

3. Shelter or Hide Well

Want to require shelter inside the house? confirm you check all the parts and feel safe from enemy attacks and shut the door to form other enemies unsuspecting.
Want to require shelter outside the building? confirm you discover an area that’s safe enough or disguised from a distance in order that other players aren’t easy to seek out your position. It is often reversed by large stones, tall grass, and a few other things. Should avoid covering behind trees or walls because it’s more easily visible from another angle.

Every match in Arcade Mode will only use a duration of about 5-10 minutes. you ought to keep your concentration while playing, confirm also enough and stable internet connection. due to these things, Arcade Mode fits perfectly for those of you who only have a brief time and wish more adrenaline when playing PUBG Mobile.
Apart from this Arena Mode, the EvoGround game mode selection tab also consists of multiple other game modes, including 4v4 Team Deathmatch mode, Domination, Arena Training, Arctic Mode, RageGear and PayLoad.

Maps in PUBG Mobile (Arena):

Arena Training: Warehouse

In the Arena Training map, players can devour and use any weapon from the bottom rather than using the weapons in their load-outs. Players will still use the guns in their load-outs in other Arena maps.

The other rules of stage Training map will still apply and Evo EXP is going to be given out after the results are tallied.

Team Deathmatch: Warehouse

You play the sport from the first-person perspective, and you can’t change this. to hitch a team deathmatch attend the arcade section at the highest of your main menu. you ought to find it under the play icon, right next to the general public match icon. Click thereon, and team deathmatch should be the primary option at the highest.

Domination Map: Town

Domination mode, like Deathmatch, pits two teams of 4 players against one another. instead of fight to hit the max kill score, your mission is to capture and hold two of the three total bases. The new mode takes place on the “Town” map, with each base unlocking because the previous one is captured.

Assault: Ruins

The PUBG Mobile Ruins map bears a striking resemblance to a particular classic esports sight. It’s not a like-for-like replica, but the inspiration is obvious — Ruins is predicated on Counter-Strike‘s famous De_Dust2 map, making a number of the world’s finest FPS strategies now viable on a smartphone game.

Gun Game: Library

A fresh map: The new Team Gun Game is out there on the all-new Library map. it’s supported a replacement concept during which two teams fight it out on a 4×4 square-shaped map. because of the first-ever indoor map in PUBG Mobile, Library features a symmetrical layout with three assault routes: left, right and center.

Maps in PUBG Mobile (Playlab):

Arctic Mode is that the latest of the bunch. In it, players need to survive the acute cold by collecting supplies and keeping themselves warm.

#RageGear – TDM

RageGear Mode is where teams of two fight against one another during a closed arena, driving cars and shooting at people. the most objective here is to destroy as many enemy cars as possible and gaining points.

#PayLoad mode

Lastly, in PayLoad mode, the fight is taken into the air, because the map consists of the many helicopters that you simply can deem a spin and have interaction in air combat.

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