How to install PyCharm(Python) on Linux/Ubuntu and How to create project

PyCharm Installation on Linux:

Step 1: Download tarball from PyCharm official website from JetBrains for Professionals(For both Scientific and Web Python development) and Community (For Python development) edition than simply Download the Community edition.

Step 2: After downloaded tarball then extract it by using ” command and then find out the folder in the directory

tar -xzvf pycharm-community-2019.2.tar.gz"

Step 3: Go to /home/sreekanth/Downloads/pycharm-community-2019.2/bin folder

Step 4: Run the “” file using below command in the bin folder.

"bash "


Step 5: Then automatically open the PyCharm window like below image:

If you want to check every Tip click on “Next Tip” otherwise directly click on “Close”

Step 6: Go to Top left side click on File -> New Project for creating a new project

Step 7: After clicking on the “New Project” option then choose the Project Location where you will choose for applications like below snapshot.

If choosing a location then click on the “Create” button.

Step 7: After created your project and completed the programming then execute will check the results in the “Python Console”. If you want to write sample programs then directly write and execute simple.

Example:  >> print(“Hello”) then click on the enter button will see the results

Summary: Above steps are to install the PyCharm community edition on Linux or Ubuntu operating system. Here is provided step by step processing with pictures.