How to play Pubg Mobile on your Android phones?|Best control settings for PUBG Mobile

How to play Pubg Mobile on your Android phones?

Once downloaded, the sport would require you to check in to your Facebook or Twitter account in order that your rank, rewards, and achievements are stored on Tencent’s cloud.

PUBG Mobile is often played using two or more fingers. As a matter of fact, if you’ll master playing the sport with all 10 fingers (which is next to impossible, although players are shown to play with 6 fingers), you’ll be damn near unbeatable.
PUBG’s new ranking system comes with eight different levels namely, bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, Crown, Ace, and Conqueror. during this ranking system, Conqueror is topmost level while bronze is that the lowest ranking. there’s also a Top 100 global leader board for each level.

You can also make use of third-party air triggers that latch on to your phone and provides you a pair of additional buttons that can provide another advantage during combat. You can customize the virtual control buttons on the screen to fit your playing style.

Best control settings for PUBG Mobile:

Now, we move to the most part: PUBG Mobile best control settings to beat all hollow.

The Best control settings for PUBG Mobile: Customize Button Size & Location:

Head to Settings > Controls and pick the simplest option which works best for you.

In the Controls tab, an “Enable 3D Touch” option is likewise available, tick it! If you’ve got been within the habit of pressing wrong buttons, enabling 3D touch option is actually helpful advice as this feature is predicated on your finger pressure on-screen.
An “Enable 3D Touch” option is likewise available, tick it!
It’s advised to not join a battle right after Controls adjustment. Visit Training to urge won’t to the settings first!

At rock bottom of the Controls settings screen, choose “Customize” so as to play the sport the way you wish.

Changing your PUBG Mobile Vehicle Settings:

In the “Vehicle” settings tab, you’ll find 3 options for driving vehicles within the game. The default is straightforward to handle already yet the right-most one is visually comprehensible, choose one that most accurately fits your needs.

Changing your PUBG Mobile sensitivity settings:

Step 1: Open your settings tab and attend sensitivity.

Step 2- attend Low then switch back to the customize tab. it’ll change to its default value. you’ll then either change it or keep it an equivalent.

Changing your controls to default in PUBG Mobile:

Step 1- attend your settings tab and click on on the ‘Log Out’ button to go away your account.

Step 2- then, you’ll be redirected to the login screen of the sport.

Step 3- Click on the Repair button and unchecked every box. Check ‘Restore Default Settings’ and press OK.

Step 4- Restart your game and log into your account. you’ll notice that your controls are changed back to the default settings.

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