How to Speed up my PC | Windows 7 | Windows 10

Recently, I installed Windows 10 operating system. The first few days it’s working well after a few days it is very slow even I can’t open browsers also.

I observe it below things that slow down for my computer:

  • RAM
  • Space issue it may full of disk driver [Hard Disk]
  • Malware or viruses
  • Highly space occupied software, driver updates.
  • Visual effects like Installation of Gaming software, etc.

How to improve my PC performance?

Solution  :

  1. Clean your hard drive:

In case your hard drive is full, it may cause the operating system goes down because don’t have enough free space:

Clean unnecessary files in Windows (C:) driver. At least 1 GB of disk space available.  Here unnecessary files are available in Desktop, Download, and documents, etc.

Empty your Recycle Bin. Recycle Bin includes deleted files, I think those files not used, so need empty the Recycle Bin.

Removing unused software/programs in the uninstall or change a program in the Control Panel.

Clear your’s history, cookies in Google Chrome using Ctrl+Shift+Del command to clear everything in your’s browser. Not only Google Chrome, which browser you can use then delete the history and cookies, etc.

2.Disable Background Programs and Startup Programs:

Sometimes background programs are also one of the causes because too many programs running simultaneously. It consumes memory and reducing computer performance.  Then open task manager and kill the program.

In this right corner showing the Startup button then disable the unnecessary startup applications using right-click on that application click on the disable button.

3.Removing Malware or Viruses:

In Windows 10 operating system getting more virus attacks so will slow down your computer. Need to scan your entire operating system with an Anti-virus program.

4.Upgrade RAM:

Random Access Memory uses to store information that the operating system and programs running on it. In case if you have 2GB of RAM it will likely slow down.

5.Upgrade Memory of Hardware:

Sometimes when booting up is very slow due to memory issues. Loading games, opening files need to get more memory for performance so it needs more memory.

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