Major difference between CDH and CDP | Cloudera | CDH vs CDP

In this article we will explain the major difference between Cloudera Distribution Hadoop (CDH) and Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) in the Cloudera distribution for Big Data environment.

What is Cloudera?

Basically, Cloudera is a data cloud platform for Big data. It provides Big data related services like HDFS, Hive, HBase, Spark and etc. Cloudera is an open – source & enterprise data edition is available in present market. First, Cloudera provides all services in one platform like CDH. Here CDH means that Cloudera Distributed Hadoop from 2008 with different versions. Recently, Cloudera acquired Hortonworks platform. So now it has been changed CDP with different services along with highly secured.

Cloudera Distribution Hadoop (CDH) VS (CDP) Cloudera Data Platform :

Here are simple difference between CDH and CDP.

1. CDH is the first name of the Cloudera it includes CDH versions like CDH 5.X to 6.X.

2. CDP is the latest name (distribution) of the Cloudera distribution. After Cloudera occurred of Hortonworks distribution Platform (HDP). It has been changed CDH to CDP

3. CDH is running on on-premises and public Cloud like AWS, Azure but CDP is running on both and Private Cloud as well. It means that data is occurred across multi cloud along with hybrid clusters.

4. CDP is a highly secured data models in the Cloud environment as well.

5. Coming to performance, CDH hosts have considerable IO hardware supports large data operations as compared to CDP hosts.

The above points are major difference between CDH and CDP in Cloudera.

Summary: In Big Data environment, different types of services for data loading, data visualization, and data fetching with large data sets. Cloudera provides all services in one platform for Big Data professionals. Currently, Cloudera is one of the best Big Data distribution tool for all services. Cloudera provides Hadoop related services, it is called CDH. After that it implements no. of services in the Cloudera distribution it is called as CDP. We have provided all the information in above point for all users.

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