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I am trying to stop the HAWQ- PXF server on Hortonwork/Cloudera web UI but I am unable to stop the service. It is automatically, re-triggered. So I tried in backed using CLI.

What is HAWQ – PXF?

HAWQ is a Hadoop native Structured Query Language (SQL) engine for reads data and writes data to HDFS with high scalability.
PXF means that the HAWQ extension framework that allows HAWQ to query external data. Basically, PXF agents for accessing data inside Hadoop files, Hive tables, and et.

Error: CATALINA_PID was set but the specified file does not exist.

I have logged into the edge node server and try to stop PXF server using below command:

service pxf-server stop

After that, I am getting below error:

Using CATALINA_BASE: /var/pxf/pxf-service
Using CATALINA_HOME: /var/pxf/pxf-service
Using CATALINA_TEMPDIR: /var/pxf/pxf-service/temp
Using JRE_HOME: /usr/jdk64/jdk_1.8.0_112/
Using CATALINA_PID = /var/pxf/catalina_pid


Here is we provided a simple solution for this type of errors.

Step 1: First, check the process id for PFX by using below command:

ps - ef | grep pxf

Step 2: After that kill process id

kill -9 process id

Step 3: Then stop the PXF service

service pxf-server stop

Now, PXF service stopped in the Hadoop cluster.

In case if it is still running then go to Ambari web UI, click on PXF service then stop that service.

The above steps not only for PXF, but it will also help full for Tomcat related services in the Hadoop cluster or any other environments.


In Big Data distributions like Cloudera/Hortonworks, MapR clusters provided services, like HDFS, Hive, Hawq, Spark, and etc. Coming to Hawq services, it’s dependent agent PXF. While enabling Namenode High Availability at the time, I tried to stop the HAWQ-PXF services in the Ambari agent but it’s automatically started so from the backed I stopped services. The above steps very helpful to stop the HAWQ – PXF from the edge node server.

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