[Resolved]Error: Connection failed on host in the edge node services | Big Data | Azure| Hadoop

In this article, we will explain how to resolve the connection failed on edge node (hostname) in the Azure / Big data clusters.

I have opened Ambari clusters, the edge node got down due to below error. After that I tried with simple solution. It’s resolved on time.

Error: Connection failed on host <hostname> :10001

Details of the alert:

The alerts are part of a periodic probe (Every 5 minutes) which runs beeline command in both head nodes(beeline -n hive -u ‘”‘”‘jdbc:hive2://<hostname>:10001/;transportMode=http;httpPath=cliservice;principal=hive/_HOST@). If the beeline is not getting connected in 60 seconds, an alert will be fired

Reasons that can cause this alert(for beeline command to take more than 60 seconds):


I have followed below steps to solve the above error in the Big data cluster.

Step 1: Open the edge node and try to enter the below command:


Step 2: In the above step to check whether the node is communicating or not. If not communicating then try to restart the node

Step 3: If that node is communicating then follow the below steps

Step 4: Open the Ambari web-ui and then check the all services.

Step 5: In this case, it must be any services went to down.

Step 6: Restart that particular services and checked the disk space as well.

The above simple resolution for the Connection related issues, it means that either node network connection issue or services network connection related. Now a days, everyone interested for the Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS) related / Cloud related services. Data migration from on-premise to Cloud services because daily we are get large data sets.

At present Cloudera or Hortonworks provides Cloud platform with an excellent services for data storage and data processing for huge amount of data.
Most of the cases services getting connection/network related errors . So simply restart services as per log error on notification error. Still getting same error try to fix with service providers.