[Resolved]SharePointOnlineAuthFailed,The access token generated failed, status code: Unauthorized

In this blog, will explain how to resolve the Unauthorized, error message in the Azure cluster. Here is the full log error:

Secret Key Expired Error:

ErrorCode=SharePointOnlineAuthFailed,'Type=Microsoft.DataTransfer.Common.Shared.HybridDeliveryException,Message=The access token generated failed, status code: Unauthorized, error message: {"error":"invalid_client","error_description":"aaaa: The provided client secret keys for app 'xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx' are expired. Visit the Azure portal to create new keys for your app: https://aka.ms/NewClientSecret, or consider using certificate credentials for added security: https://aka.ms/certCreds.\r\nTrace ID: Idyyyy-ssss-4c6a-9334-sdfg\r\nCorrelation ID: xxxxx-xxxx-467f-9495-xxxx\r\nTimestamp: 2022-05-02 17:30:46Z","error_codes":[7000222],"timestamp":"2022-05-02 17:30:46Z","trace_id":"aasaaa-7272-4c6a-9334-xxxx","correlation_id":"xxxxx-fbf1-467f-9495-xxxxx","error_uri":"https://accounts.accesscontrol.windows.net/error?code=7000222"}.,Source=Microsoft.DataTransfer.ClientLibrary,'

The above error belongs to access key expired. It may be time period has been completed. If it is authorized key for time being, we need extend for future access.


Here we provide simple solution for above secret key expired issue in the Big Data cluster for developers or admins.

Step 1: First, we need to check access key either time period or subscription.

Step 2: If subscription is expired, we need to extend as per policy.

Step 3: Second, you need to check with you’re team or Admins. In case they have extend key for that particular account.

Step 4: Apart from that you need to discuss with architecture. They will give suggestions .

Summary: These type of issues, normally happened in the starting of the project. At the time we need to do subscription. Basically, extended may be long time period. We can resolve these type of issues.