[Resolved]Table is not showing any data in Hive or Dbeaver in Hortonworks Cluster

In this article, we will explain table is not showing any data in Hive or Dbeaver Server in HDP (Hortonworks Data Platform).

Issue :

We have recently updated the Hortonwork cluster after that developers are not retrieving data from Hive. It showing results : -1 with NULL. Everyone thinking that it seems like source data issue. After that we figured out below resolution.


Here we provide simple steps to resolve the not getting data from tools like Dbeaver, MS SQL, etc.

Step 1 : First, open the Dbeaver then click on “General” option.

Step 2 : Click on cluster either prod or dev or qa

Step 3: Here I am taking QA cluster and right click on that. Will  get “Edit Connection”

Step 4: After that will get Edit Driver ‘Apache Hive’ option. In the bottom it showing “Edit Driver Settings”

Note : In this step need to verify URL template whether will provide correct URL or not.

Step 5 : Go to Libraries and then Delete the present hive jar file.

Step 6: Once deleted the old jar file then click on “Add File”. Then add new jar as you download latest version. After that click on “OK” it automatically updated from backend.

Once done the above all steps, then restart your Dbeaver server. To check the connection.

I have tried the above all steps it’s working fine.

Summary: Basically, this scenario happens rarely. It is not only for Dbeaver some times it happens for MS SQL server as well. Why this type of issues occurs. Whenever cluster or services are upgraded in the platform side. At the time upgraded the services it may happens with compatible issues. In every project issues are quiet common but we need accountability with these type of issues otherwise it will go to other way.

Big Data Admins are first need to versions of services and jar file configurations. Then only will try to resolve this type of issue. Any queries feel free to post in comment section