[Solved] Error: MapR Login Authentication issues in Big Data Cluster | Big Data | Hadoop

In this post will explain how to resolve the MapRlogin authentication issue in MapR cluster.

I am unable to login Mapr Control System. So I will check in Warden log file it showing below error.


2020-07-06 00:20:12, 787 ERROR com.mapr.job.managment.hadoop.metrics.MaprRPCContext run [Thread-5] : Exception while trying to send RPC request to hoststats
com.mapr.security.MapRSecurityException: Unable to communicate with Retry after obtaining a new ticket using maprlogin
at com.mapr.fs.jni.RpcNative.sendRequest(Native Method)
at com.mapr.fs.RpcsendRequest(RPc.java:107)
at com.mapr.job.managment.hadoop.metrics.MaprRPCContext$1.run(MaprRPCContext.java:184)
at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:768)


This type of error is common in mapr cluster.. Before that we need to check CLDB log file in the mapr file system(MFS).


Step 1: First, will check with mapr ticket time stamp

maprlogin print

The above command showing mapr ticket time stamp, if ticket time is expired. We need to re-generate the ticket.

Step 2: After that, will do authentication test using below command:

maprlogin authtest

Step 3: Once authentication test successfully after that authenticate with maprlogin username and password.

maprlogin password

After provided cluster password. It will automatically re-generated mapr ticket.

Summary: MapRLogin Authentication error is common for Big Data cluster. Basically, MapR distribution is very expensive as compared to other distributions. These are all very quite common issues in MapR distribution and resolutions are also very simple for Hadoop Developers and Hadoop Admins.

Some times MapR Console System didn’t get respond(unable to login) due to ticket has been expired so we need to re-generate MapR new ticket for Big Data cluster. Before re-generate ticket, first will check the CLDB(Container Location Data Base) and MapR – Warden log files after that will execute resolution steps

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