[Solved] Download pending error in Google Play Store in Android Mobiles | Apps | Google Play Store| Error

In this article, we will explain how to resolve the download pending error in Google Play Store in my new Android mobiles.

Download Pending error in Google Play Store

Today, I tried to download new application in Google Play Store but getting “download pending error” in my Android mobile.

Resolution 1:

1. First, I have checked Mobile Data & WiFi connection.

2. After that I have restarted my Android mobile and tried to download app.

The above resolution is not worked for my mobile. After that I tried below one.

Resolution 2:

Network Connection issue:

1. First, opened Google Play Store and see left side it showing three lines. Click on that, it showing like below. After that click on setting

*** Google Play Store –> = –> Settings.

2. After that select the “App download preference” then choose “Over any network” option.

***App download preference –> Over any network

The above case, whenever you’re in VPN connection then try to resolve the this type of issue. After that you will try to download the application from Google Play Store. In case getting same error then clear cache data in the below resolution.

Resolution 3:

How to clear cache data in Google Play Store?

  1. Go to Mobile settings then choose “Apps” icon.

***Settings –> Apps

Step 2: Once select Apps getting like below windows then select the “Manage apps”

***Settings –> Apps –> Manage apps

Step 3: After that select the “Google Play Store”

***Settings –> Apps –> Manage apps –> Google Play Store

Step 4: Will get App info like below snapshot. Then go to bottom, it will showing “clear data”. Click on that Clear data icon, remove all cache data as per window.

***Settings –> Apps –> Manage apps –> Clear data

After clear cache & all data in the Google Play Store application. My Google Play Store working fine after clear cache and  all the data in my Android mobile.

The above resolutions are very simple to resolve the “download pending error”

Resolution 4:

Check your SD and Storage:

In case getting same error, try to check SD and Storage of you’re mobile.

How to check SD and Storage of you’re Android mobile, follow the below steps.

1.  Go to mobile settings then click on About phone after that click on Storage icon.

2. Then it will showing “Storage space”. Here will check whether free space is there or not.

If free space is not available then try to clear unnecessary files, APKS from you’re mobile then try to download the new apps from Google Play Store.

I have faced  “download pending error” in my Android mobile, so I tried above resolutions and its worked for me. I will suggest to clear cache data is the best solution, incase if it is not working then try to all resolutions. It is not only for downloads, it’s for update apps are also getting same issues so simply follow the above solutions.