[Solved]How to stop CP Client in Android mobiles | CP Client | Android | Error

In this article, we will explain how to stop the “CP Client” in Android mobiles with pictures.

How to stop CP Client in Android mobiles

Basically, I bought new Android mobile and tried to use it  but unfortunately, I got “CP Client” notifications every time like below.

If you will click on “New provisioning message” then automatically it showing “delete” option but it’s not working in my case.

Based on my mobile, I will go to “settings” like below. If other Android mobiles settings are different. Please go to settings configurations.

Once open the settings then click on Apps & notifications then will get application related info.

After that click on App info then will get all Apps information as you installed.

Once open the APP info then click on search icon and type “CP Client”. If you don’t have search icon then click on three dots, show system then search the CP Client.

I have searched like below will get the CP Client application.

Click on the above icon then stop the application like below snapshot.

After clicked on “FORCE STOP” then click on “Ok” button

Once stopped the application then click “DISABLE” icon.

The above steps completed successfully, restart the mobile. If you will not resolve the issue.

First, stop the internet then follow the above steps simply.


Normally, CP Client is not a virus, it is a OTA (over the air) provisioning. It allow authorized 3rd parties for network to configure and manage device remotely.

These things are happened for network related, it is very simple to resolve the issue for Android mobiles.

First, when I clicked directly CP Client then deleted it. After that follow the above steps, please force stop it and disable it manually as per steps, it is very normal/simple for Android mobile users with pictures.