7 Best Programming Languages for Mobile Apps

The Best Programming languages for Developing Mobile Applications:

Nowadays, mobile applications are the most necessary part of our lifestyle. Smartphones with applications are essential and mandatory for information and needy in real life with a huge demand for mobile applications to provide work opportunity for any programmer to divide into mobile application developing. We will be mentioning below some of the programming languages are mandatory to learn and earn money from mobile apps.

Majorly two types of an operating system in a smartphone.

One is Android and another one is iOS.

Below programming languages are the best languages for developing mobile applications both Android and iOS.

1. Java

Java is one of the best programming languages for developing mobile applications. Simple to learn and develop mobile apps bit of easy. It is an official language for developing Andriod apps but still huge demand in the present market. Android and Eclipse is major role while developing mobile apps in Java with OOPS concept. Java has a different type of frameworks to developing and it is emerging technology in the market.


Python is a most trending programming language and fastest growing in the present market for all applications not only mobile application. Python is very simple to learn and develop the application. It has an interactive language for supporting the OOPS concept.


Java and JavaScript are also different programming languages while developing mobile applications. It is high demand programming language nowadays. Purely scripting language for developing mobile applications using NodeJS especially for apps.

4. Swift:

Swift is a programming language for developing a mobile application developed by Apple in 2014. It is used for only iOS and MacOS based on Objective C for developing.


C++ is a programming language that is object-oriented based on C programming language. It is used for mobile application in a simple manner. Nowadays Amazon, Google, and Microsoft used for mobile application tools.


Kotlin is one of the most trending programming languages for developing a mobile application. Founded by JetBrains for android developing. It is also from the Android studio. Kotlin is simple to learn and develop mobile apps.

7.Objective – C:

Objective – C was a very popular programming language among Apple developers before swift came into the market. Many developers are still using Objective C for iOS development.