Cloudera Installation(setup) on AWS with commands

In this article, we will set up Cloudera on Amazon Web Services(AWS). Installation on Cloudera on Master node with simple steps.

After logging the AWS node with “ec2 – user” with proper authentication with public key “imported – OpenSSH -key”

Cloudera Installation on AWS

1 Log in to the root user

sudo su -

2. Yum installation in case your’s machine don’t have yum

yum -y install wget

3. Sometimes ports are not open because of  Iptables so we need to stop the Iptabels using below one.

chkconfig iptables off

4. To avoid network-related issues, we must and should stop the Ip6tabels.

chkconfig ip6tables off

5. After stopping the Iptabels, We need to save the Iptables.

service iptables save

6. After stopping the Ip6tabels, we need to save the Ip6tables.

service ip6tables save

7. To disable the SELinux config for security-related issues.


SELinux = enforcing replaced with disabled

8.Install of Network Time Protocol for all machine showing the same time

yum install ntp ntpdate ntp-doc

9. Then start the NTP services.

service ntpd start

10. We can use “setenforce 0” to swap to the permissive mode for SElinux temporarily using below command

setenforce 0

11. Httpd is used for network requests and responds to them so to check the status of httpd.

service httpd status

Httpd: unrecognized service

12. Incase Httpd unrecognized so we need to install Http using below command

yum -y install httpd

13. After installation completed then start the Httpd service.

service httpd start

14. To check configuration Httpd on

chkconfig httpd on

15.Installation of JDK 1.8 version. Because Cloudera was written by Java-based.

yum -y install java -1.8.0-openjdk -devel

16. Download the Cloudera Manager installer bin file using the below command.


17. To check the files are there in the directory Cloudera bin file and log files.

ls -lrth

18. To change permission the Cloudera Manager Installer bin file.

chmod +x cloudera-manger-installer.bin

19. After that install the Cloudera manager using below command:


20. To check fully hostname on the CLI.

hostname -f

21. After getting hostname open the browser hostname: 7180 with this port.

Summary: The above steps only Cloudera installation on AWS master node with manual commands. Here we provided prerequisites and how to install clouder managers with simple steps on Master node.