What is Binomial Distribution in Artificial Intelligence with Graphs

What is Binomial Distribution in AI?

Basically Binomial Distribution is a probability distribution. It describes that successful and failure event, for example, take a cricket match. Let’s assume that you won the toss either head or tail indicates that it is a successful event. Let’s take a random variable X to the number of times you won the toss. It can be any number turn on the number of times you tossed a coin. In this situation only two possible outcomes. Head indicating success and tail indicating failure. It means that probability is 0.5 and the probability of failure also the same.

The exact meaning of binomial distribution is two possible outputs repeated ” n” number of times is called binomial. The binomial distribution parameter is n  is the total number of trials and p is the probability of success in each trial.

Binomial distribution properties with simple points for better understanding:

1. Each trail is independent

2. The binomial distribution indicates only two possible outcomes in a trial – either a success or failure.

3. A total number of “n” identical trials are managed

The binomial distribution is the  mathematical representation is like the below equation:

P(x) = n!/(n-x)!x! p^x q^n-x

The below graph indicates that a binomial distribution graph where the probability of success is not equal to the probability of failure it seems like below snapshot:

The below graph belongs to when the probability of success events = probability of failure events, then in such a position the graph of binomial distribution seems like below snapshot.

The  binomial distribution Mean and Variance is given by the below equation:

Mean -> mue = n*p
Variance -> Var (X) = n*p*q

Summary: The binomial distribution is one fo the probability distribution in the mathematical representation and graph representation for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence learners in the present IT market. Probability is the basics of all distributions. According to Datascience statistics Probability and along with distributions are mandatory for Artificial Intelligence developers in future prospective. The binomial distribution is a mandatory distribution in probability.