AWS CloudFormation

What is CloudFormation?

It is a way to create and manage the collection of related AWS resources, providing and upgrading in order to developers and administrators.

CloudFormation services allow cloud administrators to automate the process of managing resources such as storage and servers. It enables developers to copy and manipulates the code.

But the administrator run some steps for application

The first step Configuring web server for creating EC2 instances and deploy the application.

The second step Configuring a database server for creating a database.

The third step configures network settings like creating VPC, routing mechanisms etc.

Finally, mostly configuring security for creating IAM users, security-related issues.

How to use CloudFormation to create to set of AWS resources.

Automation templates and stack creation in CloudFormation in AWS. Some management tools are a category in AWS management console.

Two types to work with CloudFormation:

1.Create New Stack and Create new StackSet

First, click to create New Stack and Click on Create new StackSet.

What are Stack and StackSet?

A stack is a collection of AWS resources that can be managed into a single unit. StackSet is creating Stacks in AWS account.

A stack can contain all AWS resources like web servers, DB configurations and network security to required for web application in AWS – EC2.

2.Design a template:

It is a graphics tool for creating, viewing, etc for AWS CloudFormation.

What is a template?

In an AWS CloudFormation template is JSON(JavaScript Object Notation)  or YAML(YAML Ain’t Markup language) formatted text file.

Some features of CloudFormation stack:

1.CloudFormation Stack is created using a template.

2. Sometimes deletion of a stack will delete all the associated resources.

3. It helps to manage all resources in a single place as a unit.

Conclusion:  AWS CloudFormation is created, manage and collection of AWS resources for developers and administrators in Cloud platform.