How to check Cluster names in Big Data Environment | Big Data | Hadoop | Cluster

In this article, we will check cluster name in Big Data / Hadoop environment. First we will know about what is cluster and Hadoop cluster.

What is Cluster?

Basically, Cluster means collections of computers with in the network.

What is Hadoop cluster?

Hadoop cluster, is a collection of Hadoop nodes with in the network. That cluster consist of a network with  Name node and Data node architecture.

How to check cluster names in Big Data or Hadoop environment.

Here we provided simple commands for  how to check cluster names in Hadoop cluster.

In Cloudera we will use below command for checking entire cluster name.

By using curl command:

curl -u admin:admin 'http://hosntame:7180/api/v1/clusters'


we can use Ambari – agent .initial file for cluster names.

cat /etc/ambari-agent/conf/ambari-agent.ini | grep -i host

In case the above commands are not working then go to Ambari agent path then use hadoop class path command.

First, go to Ambari agent path path like below

cd  /etc/init.d/ambari-agent

After that using below command then will get cluster name, hadoop version.

hadoop classpath

The above commands are very simple and helpful for Big Data or Hadoop Admin and Developers will get cluster name.

In Cloudera or Hortonworks are using above commands to check cluster name and cluster version with simple commands.

Summary: This page explained about Cluster related information for Big Data and Hadoop professionals in the IT industry. We have a lot of Big Data / Hadoop clusters in the present market. Linux commands for Cloudera or Hortonworks cluster name and version with simple commands. In a single node Hadoop cluster and Cloudera Distribute Hadoop (CDH), we find out cluster name and version in master or slave node as per Hadoop Admin configuration. First, we will check with curl command and web-ui details. This is a very basic interview question for Hadoop admins and developer professionals in the present market.