How to Disable Windows updates in Windows 10

Simple steps to Disable Windows updates in Windows 10 OS:

Method 1:

1. Click on “Windows” button then search “Control Panel ” will get Control Panel like below:

2. Then search “Windows Update” in the search box. After will get Windows Update information like:
“Check for updates”
“Install optional updates”
“View update history”
“Turn automatic updating on or off”

3. Click onĀ  “Turn automatic updating on or off” then will get Windows update settings like:
“Install updates automatically(recommended) ”
“Download updates but let me choose whether to install them”
“Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them”
“Never check for updates (not recommended)”

4. Choose the “Never check for updates” then click on “OK” button.

5. After that restart the PC. If still, it is updates are running then choose the second method by using services and stop windows updates in the background.

The above step is very simple to stop the “Windows Update” for Windows 8/10 operating system.

Method 2:

1. Click on “Windows + R” then type “services.msc” then enter will get below Windows related services. Then select the “WindowsUpdate”. Here you check Status is “Running” or not. If it is running then simply disable it.

2. After selecting “Windows Update” then right-click will get some information then choose “Properties”

3. Then choose the Startup type and select the “Disabled” then stop the services and start the services.

4. The above steps are used in the Windows 7 operating system also including Windows 8/8.1/10 operating systems for users. This step is very careful to stop the services in case any service will stop it may cause some issues in the Windows.

Summary: The above two methods are very simple, easy to stop the “Windows Update” from Control Panel and Services for Windows 7/8/10 operating systems. These are the most disable methods to stop the “Windows update” services in the background for Windows user’s PC or Laptop. Before that, we stop the “WiFi” or the internet.