Docker Tool Box Setup in Windows with Pictures

What is Docker:

Docker is a set of a platform for creating, deploying, and run the application by using containers. Simple Docker called a Virtual Machine but VM is creating a whole Operating System. Docker allows only applications.

Install Docker Tool Box in Windows:

Step 1: Download Docker ToolBox for Windows using below link:
Docker ToolBox

Once download the Docker ToolBox executes the file simply like the above step.

Step 2: Setup will install Docker ToolBox into your folder(Browse your folder). Click on the “Next” button for further next step.

Step 3: Here we see everything like Destination location, Setup type: Full installation and Selected components. After that click on the “Install” button.

Step 4: It will take a min or more after that installation is completed. Once it is done then we will get a “Finish” icon.

Step 6: After successfully completed the installation of “Docker” then we will get “Docker Quickstart Terminal” and “Kitematic” shortcuts.

To verify your installation of DockerToolBox on our Desktop will see the “Docker Quickstart Terminal” and “Kitematic” icons.
In Docker Quickstart Terminal use the “docker run hello-world” command. If it is working fine then we will get command’s output like Hello World from Docker like that. If it is failed, means that installation is failed somewhere.

Summary: Docker is alike another Virtual Machine for application-oriented for Windows operating system. To launch the Docker Quickstart Terminal icon for the pre-configured terminal(CLI). Nowadays DevOps is the most emerging technology trendy for the IT Market. For DevOps, employees need Docker is the most skill for platform support. In Windows operating system Docket setup is simple to install. Coming to Linux operating system needs some more commands for installation. Basically Docker application is lightweight, portable for Developers and Admins for platform support. In AWS, Google Cloud Platform services Docker installation is very simple to deploy, build and use it.