Accenture Hadoop Admin interview questions for experienced | Hadoop | Big Data

In this article, I will share my Hadoop admin interview experience with Accenture.

Here I have faced two technical rounds and one HR or managerial round.

Hadoop Admin interview Questions:

1. Introduce you’re self with current project flow and roles & responsibilities?

2. Which Hadoop services are using in the current project?

3.Explain Hive, Impala services, why we need both?

4.What is a scheduler? explain different types of scheduler?

5.Do you know idea about HA mechanism in Namenode? if yes, please explain me?

6.Explain HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System) architecture and YARN (Yet Another Resource Negotiator) architecture?

7.Any idea on YARN queues? explain in which scenario it can be used?

8.What is Hadoop Safemode and why we need Safemode? please elaborate Safemode commands?

9.How to copy the data from Linux to HDFS?

10.What is Rack awareness? please elaborate how can we achieve that?

After completed the first Technical Round. I have selected for the next round. I will post next Technical interview 2.

The above Hadoop admin interview questions are very useful for Hadoop Admin.