How to check Kafka version in Kafka | Kafka | Big Data | Hadoop

In this article, we will explain how to check Apache Kafka version and Kafka cluster using commands through CLI.

Basically, in Hadoop environment we have a lot of services for data processing/transferring from source to destination. For example Spark, Kafka, Sqoop, Hive and etc.

For example:

How to check Hadoop version in Linux CLI:

hadoop version

How to check Apache Spark version using below command:

spark -submit --version

How to check Hive version using below command:

hive --version

Kafka Version:

Method 1:

In Kafka version is different from other services in the Big Data environment.

First, will go with Confluent Kafka bin path like below

cd /confluent/kafka/bin

After that execute the below below command: --version

Method 2:

In this method we are using grep command then find out Kafka version simply.

ps -ef | grep kafka

Then it will displays all running kafka clients in the CLI and Kafka lib path. In that path it showing below jar file

kafka-clients- jar file.

Here Kafka client version is the Kafka version –

In case sometime it showing like kafka-clients-3_0.

so here Kafka version is


The above methods are very simple for Big Data / Hadoop practices for all users. To find outĀ  Hadoop, Hive, and SparkĀ  services versions are very simple. Apart from that all services, Apache / Confluent Kafka versions are little bit difficulty but here we provided simple steps for Kafka versions using different methods.